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This week we’re following on from our post, Life Cycle of a Green Coffee Bean. The last post tracked the good old green coffee bean from seedling to its harvest-ready stage. Today we’re  picking and we’re packing, featuring our Origin of the Month, Guatemala Los Volcanes.

1. Growing Guatemala Los Volcanes

Over forty small farms, nestled between three volcanoes produce this amazing coffee bean, famous for its high quality and rich flavours. Coffee plants are found on the side of three volcanoes in the Antigua valley region, so you can imagine how rich the soil is and how happy the coffee plants are.

They’re grown under the shade of Grevillea trees, protected from the elements. This means that the beans will grow more slowly, developing richer flavours over time.

2. Picking

Guatemala Los Volcanes beans are lovingly handpicked with only the best beans picked at the perfect stage of maturity. This is often called ‘Selective Harvesting’ where ripe coffee beans are chosen, the unripe left and the overripe picked and thrown away.

Because selective harvesting is done by humans, more coffee plants can be planted in more places like steep mountainsides.

3. Processing

There are a few different processing techniques that can be used once beans are picked. Check out our post, Coffee Processing Techniques if you’re interested in more details. Our Guatemala Los Volcanes uses the ‘washed’ method of processing. This is where beans are soaked, then a machine washes away the outer layer of skin. The beans are then washed and then dried in the sun.

4. The result

This bean has all the elements you need to create a high quality coffee:

  • Grown at high altitude 1500m
  • Handpicked
  • Volcanic soil
  • Shade grown
  • Grown in a perfect micro climate

And the taste? It’s a sweet coffee, famous for its chocolate notes and beautifully soft spices, combined with a crisp, bright acidity. It’s a medium-dark bean, with a full body, ideal for espresso based coffees.

Feeling adventurous? We’re selling our delicious Guatemala Los Volcanes for a limited time! What does it taste like? Try it for yourself!

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