We’re so lucky in Australia to have so many options when it comes to our food and bevvies. “Would you like to eat in, take away, and if so, would you like a drink tray so you’re not covered in steaming hot coffee on the first turn of a corner?” A lot of us don’t really think about the environmental impact of our choices, it’s just what’s most convenient.

But it’s time to change all that. Here at Sacred Grounds we’re passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and one of the ways we do that is through our packaging. We’ve teamed up with Bio Pak who supply our biodegradable takeaway cups. This partnership enabled us to offset 17 tonnes of carbon emissions last year alone.

Meet Bio Pak


We are a big fan of Bio Pak for many reasons – we share a common vision to source sustainable materials and to make sure our contribution to the world is a positive one. And the best news is that being a responsible world citizen doesn’t need to be super-expensive or inferior in quality. Quite the opposite actually!


Our Bio Pak take away cups are made from heavy-duty board sourced from sustainable plantations with a carbon neutral corn-based plastic coating, Inego™ on the outside. This is a renewable resource that also helps insulate the cups so you don’t burn your dear old fingers!

Image: Bio Pak

Image: Bio Pak

To maintain accountability, Bio Pak is a signatory to a range of organisations including the Australian Packaging Covenant and they’re a member of both New Zealand Public Place Recycling Scheme and SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange).


It’s not only the cup itself that uses responsibly sourced materials. Instead of Petrochemicals, the Bioplastic lid is made from plant starch. Imagine how hazardous regular plastic is when it starts to (eventually) break down. The Bio Pak lid has no nasty chemicals to seep into soil and will break down a heck of a lot faster. You’d perhaps think that an eco-friendly lid like this would cost a lot more but in fact, these earth-friendly creations cost 20-30% less than other types of Bioplastic lids. Win!



Thought I’d covered all the awesome attributes of this product? You’re wrong! I must admit I didn’t really think that ink would make a huge impact on our environment but it does. Regular ink uses the good old (not really) Petrochemical oils to print logos and such. But Bio Pak uses water-based or Soy-based ink that has no chemicals and actually costs less. Soy ink covers 15% more of a surface which means you use less, thus reducing the cost. The soy plant also reduces pollution in air and soil as it doesn’t need irrigation and has very low amounts of VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds.


After all elements have been picked, sourced and are ready and raring to go, Bio Pak keeps the whole sustainability thing going with their production process. With regular take away cups, this step usually accounts for 29% of all emissions. So, Bio Pak has built a facility that monitors all stages of production. Not only are materials monitored but Bio Pak is all about treating their workers ethically and humanely.


Next time you’re in a rush and you simply MUST take your coffee on the road with you, make sure it’s  an awesome Sacred Grounds Fairtrade Organic coffee (ticks all the boxes, doesn’t it) carried in an environmentally-friendly Bio Pak cup!

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