Sacred Grounds’ Fairtrade achievements

Here at Sacred Grounds, we know that sourcing products from Fairtrade producers makes a real difference in our world. And we love that! We’ve heard amazing stories from farmers and cooperatives, which is really encouraging but we know it’s also important to to look at numbers. Putting a number out there inspires us (and we hope you too) to keep supporting Fairtrade as it changes the lives of poorer farmers, families, communities and even nations!

Fairtrade Premiums

When Fairtrade cooperatives are created, minimum prices, as well as premiums are set by the Fairtrade International Standards Unit. Cooperative members then collectively decide where to invest the extra money from the premium account. It’s usually funnelld into community projects such as health, education and improving farming practices.

Sacred Grounds’ contribution

Well, our numbers have been tallied and we’re so happy to announce that Sacred Grounds has been able to contribute an incredible $82,882.12 in premiums since 2010.

When you put that kind of money into the context of a third world country, it’s incredible how far it will stretch. Our amazing producers come from cooperatives in nine nations around the world including: We source our produce from cooperatives in nine nations around the world including:

And over the next few weeks we’ll be profiling them so you can get to know them too! Numbers are great but stories are where it’s really at. It’s why we do what we do (besides the fact we love great coffee of course!)

The premiums in each country have been used on such things as road improvements, beds/mattresses for health clinics, development of organic farming methods, credit programs for farmers, buildings and more! So stay tuned to hear more inspiring stories from our partners from around the globe!

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