When you think of a coffee company, you don’t usually associate it with art but this is where Sacred Grounds is a tad different. You may have read our previous post on Coffee Grounds Masterpieces and met our in-house, super-talented artist Fernando Mosca. Let’s find out what he’s been up to since our last post.

Tell us about your last eight months! What are some of the highlights? 

Submitting my coffee painting for entry into the Archibald Prize 2015 was a grand experience as an artist as I do not enter art competitions because I truly enjoy competing with myself. I merely wanted to show the Australian arts industry that there are fresh artists creating new and innovative artworks. It was cool being interviewed by The Art Gallery of NSW in the packing room as my large coffee painting was unveiled!



My photographer Penny Steele and I were invited by Cafe Biz Expo May 2015 to perform a live coffee painting at the Brisbane Exhibition & Convention Centre. At this event I had my subject sit for my portraiture coffee painting of The World Barista Champion 2015, Sasa Sestic. That gig was a lot of fun and as a result my live coffee painting performance will be in a coffee movie produced by Jeraff. Also my coffee portrait painting will be on the cover of the bio of Sasa by Smudge Publishing. Just another day in paradise….


In April, my photographer and I were invited to perform another live coffee painting in Seattle at the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA) by Diedrich Roasters Manufacturing. At this event I completed a still life coffee painting of the Ruta-Maya CR-140 roaster machine which now hangs at the Diedrich boardroom in Idaho. The whole experience was tremendous as I met all the lovely Diedrich family and spent time getting to know Seattle.


I was fortunate to be granted the opportunity by Sacred Grounds to perform a live coffee painting for a Channel 10 series Let’s Do Coffee! Here Sacred Grounds talk about the Organic and Fairtrade industry which I find to be excellent information. In this Episode I painted a Sydney Harbour Porthole Window. Check it out here


How has your partnership with Sacred Grounds grown? 

My partnership with Sacred Grounds has grown twofold, I am proud to announce that I have been granted another six months of Artist In Residence at the Sacred Grounds coffee warehouse. This brings me a full year of working with the team, completing the building/interior design of the Cafe and more creative developments with my coffee artworks. I will continue to do Live Coffee Painting Performances  in the cafe – come and enjoy the performances when it opens! We are working together to create new artwork logos for cafe barricades and other forms of branding.

It is…. has been….. and always will be a pure positive and creative experience being an Artist In Residence with Sacred Grounds. They are now my family and very close to my heart, I have connected personally and artistically with each person from the great Team. I would like to thank Sacred Grounds for understanding how important the Arts can contribute to the coffee industry and society.


You’ve now expanded into making some pretty fine furniture, how did that come about?

Whilst building the aesthetics for the cafe I would still find valuable usage from the wastage materials, having a recycling focus I designed coffee tables from timber off cuts.  A one stop shop.

How involved are the Sacred Grounds Team when it comes to your paintings? 

The Sacred Grounds Team have endless ideas and concepts when it comes to my paintings, for example this is the vision of Marketing Manager Ali Woodward which was exhibited at The Naturally Good Expo 2015 Sydney Hall of Industries and now hangs in the Sacred Grounds HQ.

Tree web

An evolution of the tree symbol, left unpainted as raw timber sheet in its purist form then muralled with bright autumn colours. It now represents the Neighbours Blend coffee.

Artist: Fernando Mosca
Title: Neighbours
Size: 2.4m x 2.7m
Medium: Acrylics on Marine Ply

What’s the one painting you’re especially proud of? 

I am mostly proud of the coffee painting I performed in Brisbane. Here’s a short video showing the transformation from canvas to the finished product.



Artist: Fernando Mosca
Title: Eyes of The Coffee Man
Size: 2.7 m x 2.7m
Medium: Ona Coffee grounds and Egg Tempera on Coffee Sacks


What are your plans for the future, personally and with Sacred Grounds? 

My photographer and I have been invited by Mrs Sunalini N Menon Chief Executive of CoffeeLab Ltd to perform a Live Coffee Painting in Mumbai at the India International Coffee Festival January 2016 sponsored by the IICF Trustees. I will create a large coffee painting dedicated to the coffee beans grown in India.

I am installing my next large coffee painting of the WBC Sasa Sestic for his newly refurbished coffee warehouse in Canberra. This portrait will have the background painted in red wine and Sasa embracing his trophy painted in Sudan Rume grounds. The foyer is being built around my painting. Hooray!



Fernando’s amazing artworks and furniture can now be purchased on our website. Check his range out here.

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