Sacred Grounds Single Origin: Peru

There are so many things to love about Single Origin coffee, from the range of strong flavour notes to the quality and traceability of the beans themselves. But let’s not forget the stories behind the coffee, the people, the places that have created such a beautiful brew. This is just one of them, the birthplace of our delish Single Origin – Peru…

Peru Coffee History

In the Beginning…

Coffee farmers have had a rough trot in the beautiful nation of Peru. Not their own fault of course, but a tough experience none-the-less. Peru’s coffee story began way back in the 1700s when coffee arrived through their neighbours Ecuador. Ever-so slowly a commercial industry was developed and by the late 19th century coffee farmers began to sell their product at slightly higher rates. In the 20th century the British took over parcels of land and began planting larger coffee crops and since then Peruvian coffee has grown and enjoyed a reputation of being one of the world’s best coffee producers.

Trouble Brewing

When the British left Peru, the Government took over these farms and started channelling most of the profits into their own treasuries, leaving the poor farmers with very little for all their hard work. In the 1980s violence ruled Peru, disrupting the coffee industry and ruining many independent producers. Enter the ethical coffee movement; notably Fairtrade. In the 1990s these guys helped save the Peruvian coffee industry by providing a structure of accountability, traceability, equality – all those good things! With this new era, coffee production grew rapidly from 163k hectares in 1995 to 215k hectares in 2005.

Peruvian Coffee Today

The ethical coffee movement led to a huge transformation in farming techniques and today Peru is the top producer of organic coffee in the world and has 110,000 small coffee plantations and 90,000 hectares certified organic.

Sacred Grounds Peruvian Producers

A Co-op Is Born

In 1999, 3 local co-ops in the north-west Peru banded together to create the Central de Cafetaleros del Nor Oriente (CECANOR). In the same year, this co-op received its Fairtrade certification and has never looked back. This certification gave the farmers access to the international coffee market, with more profits going directly to producers, families and their local community.

Focus on Equality

Today it boasts 1,340 members in 6 co-ops – women make up 45% of these thanks to the ‘Café Femenino’ coffee initiative. This program was created in 2004 when female farmers requested for their crops to be separated from the men, giving them autonomy over the processes, crops and end product. With their coffee marketed independently, women now earn their own money and are able to participate as their own entities in the membership of the coop.

Sacred Grounds Single Origin: Peru

Processing Technique

Peru has beautiful mountains by the sea with a perfect climate for growing quality coffee. The CECANOR members grow and hand-pick their coffee cherries, then wash and dry them in the sun. They are then delivered to the headquarters where they’re assessed for quality and condition. Then it’s off to the port for export – straight into the arms of our master roaster and ex-chef who creates our delish Single Origin Peru.

Flavour Notes:

And the taste? These quality Arabica coffee beans have a really interesting combination of herbs and chocolate that really get the taste buds pumping.

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