Want to make exceptional coffee in no time at all? The AeroPress is a fairly new way of creating expresso strength coffee in only a matter of minutes. Born in 2005, it was created to fit in with our ridiculously busy modern lifestyle, allowing us to enjoy rich, quality coffee in a quick, fuss-free way. It’s also a quicker alternative to pour over coffee which is best to use with light roast coffee.

To use the AeroPress all you do is grind fresh coffee beans, pop them in the cylinder, add water, stir, let it sit and push it through! Too easy. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, you can also take it out to picnics, on road trips and camping. But don’t take it from me, our Account Manager, Ed Ngampongpan takes you through this process step-by-step!

Simple brewing guide for AeroPress

What you need:

* AeroPress
* Paper or metal disc filter
* Coffee – freshly and lightly roasted 
* Filtered water
* Kettle – Gooseneck recommended
* Grinder
* Tablespoon or scale (optional)
* Timer


* Coffee: Water =  1 : 12.9
* 14g of coffee : 180g of water


* Medium to fine grind  – NOTE: Slightly finer than Chemex


Let’s start brewing

1. Measure out your coffee and set grinder to “medium to fine” grind.
2. Boiling water and then remove from heat. (NOTE: Never pour boiling water straight onto coffee grounds – it will scorch them and give coffee a burnt flavour.) Allow the water to cool for 30 seconds (temperature should be between 195-205 F. = 90-92 C.)
3. Extend and invert Aeropress to allow for 180g water dose.
4. Add grounds into the Aeropress.
5. Pre-infuse – 14g of hot water (1:1)
6. Blooming – Let the grounds bloom for 30 seconds.
7. Pour water – add remaining water, ensuring all grounds are fully saturated.
8. After 2:30 minutes steep time (including blooming time) flip and plunge into carafe.

PLEASE NOTE: Adjust grind size/steep time to taste.

Check out our video of the fabulous AeroPress in action.

Coffee courses

If you’d like more hands-on training, Sacred Grounds Organic (that’s us!!) is offering a Brewing Experience training course that will cover how to use an AeroPress. Our courses are always so much fun as well as giving you the tools and know-how to brew amazing coffee at home. Sign up today!

 The AeroPress is so quick and easy! Will you be giving it a go?


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