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Ready for something just a little bit different? SOL Living isn’t exactly a cafe, it’s an entire precinct that includes two cafes, a world class restaurant, a bar and a day spa. You can find this hidden gem located on the grounds of Mark Moran in Sydney’s eastern Suburbs.


SOL Living


The SOL Living concept is all about lifestyle – inspiring everyone who walks in the door to enjoy the important things in life like connecting with people, eating great food that’s actually good for you and basically being pampered. Yes please!

Both cafes and the restaurant in the SOL Living precinct use our low carbon, Organic Neighbours Blend coffee and they put the used coffee grounds to work in their garden as a natural pest repellent! In the garden (which is also open to public) they grow their own veggies which are then used in the SOL Botanica restaurant.


SOL Providore
sol chocolate1

Sol Providore is right on the street front, strolling in you’ll find your happy place with locally sourced artisan products that are just a little bit quirky. You can choose from a variety of mouthwatering delights like handmade chocolate (made by a Swiss French Chocolatier, no less), amazing cheeses, organic juices and, of course, organic Fairtrade Sacred Grounds coffee. Each day they whip up some amazing Cold Drip coffee made with our very own Ethiopian Yirgacheffe! Brewed and bottled fresh in the cafe daily, you can find it ready to buy in their fridge… too easy!

This place is like the ultimate quaint, old-fashioned but super-modern food store. And I promise you, there will be items here that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else!


Harry’s Cafe


If you’re after somewhere to sit and catch up with friends then Harry’s Cafe is for you. Located in the Atrium Harry’s has a big wide open space filled with cosy armchairs that are perfect for a relaxing morning coffee. In addition to our coffee, you’ll find lots sweet treats, handmade pastries and sandwiches. This beautiful cafe perfectly combines modern style, sophistication with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.


SOL Botanica


Fresh, nourishing, nutrient rich food is the central theme of SOL Botanica. The restaurant is located just next to gardens and there’s plenty of outdoor to sit and take in the sights.

The SOL Botanica chefs look for responsibly sourced, organic, unrefined whole foods – completely gluten and refined sugar free. Sounds pretty good right?


SOL Spa and James Bull Bar


You can find your inner peace at the holistic escape that is SOL Spa. Focused on health and wellness this is perfect place to revitalise.

Alternatively, you choose to unwind at the James Bull Bar where you’ll find unique drinks, with a range of handcrafted brews on tap; artisanal gins, and of course – Rum!


Keen to Visit?

Here are the details;

Sol Living
2 Laguna Street, Vaucluse NSW 2030
Instagram: @sol_living
Facebook: SOL Living


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