Going WILD with Kombucha

If you’ve never tried this fabulous bevvy then I tell you, it’s a MUST! Not only does it taste the goods but it’s also incredibly healthy – like superwoman/man/batman/hero healthy! But what does it have to do with coffee, you might ask… well our friends at Wild Kombucha by Ballsy actually use Sacred Grounds coffee in one of their mighty brews!

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It’s Organic Awareness Month!

How organic-aware are you? Do you often choose organic products over their alternatives or does it depend on what you’re buying? Let’s face it, we all get stuck in shopping habits, buying the same brands over and over again without giving the organic aisle a second glance. But once you compare organic varieties to the mainstream versions, you’ll never think twice about your choice again.

Organic Coffee vs Non-Organic

Take coffee for example! Did you know that the coffee plant is one of the most chemically drenched crops around? This impacts everything from the soil, the local water supply, the beans themselves and the taste of the coffee. Think of how much coffee we consume every day… why put chemicals into your body if you don’t have to? Organic coffee has been proven to taste better as beans absorbed flavours from the environment around them and no one wants to drink coffee that tastes like fly spray!

Trust Issues

The ‘organic’ label has been misused by some organisations who simply add it to their packaging with very little to no accountability. The great thing about the Australian Organic ‘bud’ logo, however, is that it indicates that the organic product you’re buying can be trusted. Products that display this label go through a strict certification process and ongoing checks. Every organisation involved in the processes of a wide variety of products is tracked and analysed so that nothing falls through the cracks. There are many ‘hoops’ to jump through just to get the bud on the packaging so you as a consumer can rest assured that what it’s claiming is what you’re getting.

Organic Awareness Month Events

Throughout September the organic industry is going into hyper-drive, celebrating everything organic from meat to coffee, chips to wine! Australian Organic is challenging all of us to buy one extra organic product a week, to buy something certified organic to wear – to mix it up, to break out of our ‘easy’ habits and make a positive impact on our own health and our environment. Head to their Facebook page for more info on events, clients and products to kick-start your own Organic Awareness month.

Go Organic and WIN!

Choosing organic products is a win for everyone, but during September you can WIN some really amazing products and experiences. Head over to Australian Organic on Instagram (@australianorganic) to see which prizes are up for grabs. Each week of September, there’s a different prize on offer and this week it’s a gem! Australian Organic are giving away a fabbo Organic Gift pack with loads of amazing goodies. Check them out!

Which product will you switch over to organic this week? 

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The Sacred Grounds Fairtrade Story

Did you know it takes approx 186 coffee beans to make one cup of coffee? With every single bean being picked and processed by hand, it’s a lot of work. This is why we at Sacred Grounds have been supporting Fairtrade coffee for over a decade now

If you don’t know what Fairtrade does, in essence they ensure that these hard working farmers are being paid fairly for their time so that their businesses remain sustainable.

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Meet the Team: Dee Alam


I know you’ve been dying to meet the team behind those incredible Sacred Grounds beans! Well now you can. On our blog, right here, right now, we’re http://acheterdufrance.com/ starting a series called ‘Meet the Team’ where you can gain an all access pass behind the scenes of Sacred Grounds and get to know the stories of our amazing people. First up is our Key Account Manager and Head Trainer, Dee Alam.

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Sacred Grounds’ Decaf Revival!

You know those times between 5pm and 10pm when you just want to sip on your favourite coffee without risking a night of tossing and turning? Well, the good news is that you actually can have your coffee and drink it too with our delish decaf. Now this poor fella has had a bit of a daggy reputation but no longer. Well, we assure you that a good decaf can in fact be flavoursome and hit the spot even without the extreme zing of caffeine.

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Modern Organic: Cafe Profile

In the beautiful Central Coast suburb of Long Jetty there’s a Yoga studio with a bit of a twist. It’s called Modern Organic and this is one place you must not miss on your next trip to the ‘coast’. This place oozes wellbeing combining a beautiful organic cafe with body stretching, soul resting Yoga.

Modern Organic is owned by Kirt and Kiran, a husband and wife team with a passion for holistic health. This dynamic duo spent 10 years working in hospitality before pursuing their own ‘dream’ business, opening Modern Organic in March, 2016.

Modern Organic Specialties 

Imagine popping down for your regular Yoga class and then treating yourself to some delish Sacred Grounds coffee, organic, healthy meals or even a scrumptious smoothie. They’re all about inspiring others to make healthy choices that’s also great for the world as a whole. Over 20 Yoga classes are conducted every week as well as workshops and other events – so it really is a happening place. 


We asked owner Kiran about the businesses ethos, its heart and this is what she had to say…

We care. We care about our planet, we care for ourselves and each other. We care where our products come from and how they are made. Using local, organic and ethically sourced products is an essential part in creating a healthy and sustainable future.

Organic practices are not just about the certification; they are about the holistic approach that supports the earth, all lifeforms, the farmer and us, the people. In light of this, we offer a consciously prepared and nutritious menu utilising organic, local, sustainable & seasonal ingredients where possible.

We are passionate about health & wellbeing, we are creating a conscious community, sharing knowledge and bringing awareness to people about the importance of maintaining a healthy mind, body, soul and planet.

This is why Sacred Grounds and Modern Organic fit so well together. We share the same outlook on life, the same heart for our world, the people in all nations and the food/ beverages that we consume. Kiran said…

We aim to align ourselves with likeminded businesses who believe in ethical and sustainable practices, which is clearly seen throughout Sacred Grounds’ range of certified organic and Fair Trade products.

The Modern Organic Difference

This place is more than a cafe, it’s more than a Yoga studio, it’s a community!

We have combined two passions to create a conscious community of people on the Central Coast. Where in a lot of Yoga studios, students walk out after their class and back to their own busy lives, our students often come out of a Yoga practice and head straight into our garden dining to mingle with the people they have shared a class with. 

Although the cafe attracts its own unique clientele, with a lot of our menu options being vegan and gluten free, we love the fact that the dual business complement each other and both students and customers become not only friends but part of the family.

That is what’s missing in the world, don’t you think? A sense of community, taking the time to get to know each other in the flesh and choosing healthier options that not only benefit the consumer but the producer!

So if you’re ever in the Long Jetty area, make sure you drop in for a chat, a stretch or just a coffee and something yummily-healthy to eat. You won’t regret it!

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Get Organic-aware!

Happy springtime, everyone – September is ba-ack! This is a pretty special time of year for us with Organic Awareness month starting on today. Now we know how much the term ‘organic’ gets bandied around these days and it’s hard to know for sure if the product you’re buying is genuinely organic. But there’s an easy way to tell if it’s the real deal – it’s called the ‘Bud’!

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Visit the Manly Fairtrade Markets

There’s a sleepy seaside village – I wonder if you’ve heard of it? It’s called Manly – located on the northern beaches of Sydney. Far from sleepy, actually, this place is pumping! Not only does it have some pretty amazing beaches to lounge on but its food scene is impressive, to say the least. Manly residents are a healthy bunch, with a large percentage having a passion for organic, sustainable and ethical living.

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