Taste test – 7 milk alternatives for coffee


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There are several reasons why you might be looking to give up cow’s milk. Whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegan, on a health kick or just want to try something new – the choices can be overwhelming and sometimes a bit hit and miss.

Well, we have been extremely brave (just for you!) and tried out a range of alternatives so that you can still enjoy delicious lattes and more without the milk of a cow in sight.

7 milk alternatives for coffee


1. Silk Soy Milk

This is the newest soy ‘kid’ on the block, launched at this year’s Melbourne International Coffee Expo. It boasts a subtle flavour that blends beautifully with coffee. Unlike regular soy milk, this product responds to being heated/steamed much like regular milk. It has been specially formulated for baristas and, therefore, awesome coffee! But did it live up to the hype?

Taste test results…

* Taste- Smooth, sweet and nutty
* Texture (ie when steaming milk) – It’s as easy to use as regular milk and a lot better than regular soy. Milk looks smooth and shiny after steaming. It textures nicely!
* Score – 9/10

Our Favourite for texture on the day

2. Almond Milk

You might not know this but good old Almond Milk has been around for centuries. I won’t give you a history lesson but think knights in shining armour and Arabian queens and you’ll get the gist. Free from cholesterol and full of good stuff like protein, fibre, vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron and MORE, this really is the superhero of milks! But what does it taste like in coffee? Will it pass the test? Let’s see what our heroic tasters thought…

Almond Milk2

Taste test results…

* Taste – On its own, almond has a sweet taste. When added to coffee the sweetness was transferred with a hint of citrus flavour
* Texture – Steams nicely, though the froth separates easily from the rest of the milk.
Our tip; pour steamed milk into coffee immediately after heating
* Score – 8/10

3. Hazelnut Milk

Hazelnut Milk2

Another vitamin-packed, awesome-for-your-heart, vitamin E-rich milk alternative! Like Almond Milk, this has so many health benefits, you’d be crazy not to give it a go! It’s 60-70% oil – the good stuff that lowers cholesterol, gets blood sugar levels under control and is full of B1, B2 and B6 vitamins! It ticks all the nutritional boxes but how does in go in coffee? And the survey says…

Taste test results…

* Taste – Very sweet and nutty but, unlike Almond Milk, there’s no citrus flavour.
* Texture – This milk bubbles easily so requires careful steaming. Can be hard to get volume (i.e. frothy)
* Most expensive of all the alternatives and sweeter tasting than Almond Milk
* Score – 8/10

Our Favourite for taste on the day

4. Rice Milk

Rice Milk2

Cholesterol-free, lactose-free and low-fat, Rice Milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk. Bear in mind, though, that it’s low in protein, so make sure you’re having some nuts or something on the side. Some brands add calcium, niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin D and iron, so, for an extra health-boost, just check the label before you buy!

Taste test results…

* Taste – Starchy and thick in your mouth.
* Texture – It has a good texture, with a similar appearance to regular milk.
* Score – 6/10

5. Goat’s Milk

Goats Milk2

Is the humble goat about to become the new ‘cow’? Apparently this little animal produces some mighty fine milk that sits better in our tummies. And it’s healthier! Goat’s milk has 13% more calcium than cow’s, lowers pesky cholesterol, builds haemoglobin (boosting iron) and has prebiotics, great for digestive health. But how does in go in coffee? Here we go again…

Taste test results…

* Taste – Sour with a yoghurt- thick feel in your mouth.
* Texture – Bit harder to work with than the others. It increases volume quickly, getting frothy easily.
* Score 5/10

6. Vitasoy Soy Milk

This brand of soy milk has been made from 100% soybeans in Australia of all places! Homegrown and incredibly popular, this soy milk has no saturated fat, is full of protein, calcium and is lactose-free. It’s particularly great for menopausal women as it works like oestrogen, reducing symptoms for those ladies with hot flushes and the rest!

Taste test results…

* Taste – Sweet, nutty with a touch of citrus undertones.
* Texture – When heating, you have to be precise as it heats up quickly
* Score – 7/10

7. Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk2

Who doesn’t like coconut? Imagine this delicious flavour in coffee and you may start swooning. But is it healthy? It’s chock-full of antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that strengthens your immune system so you can battle the flu and other nasty illnesses with vigour! But it also has medium-chain saturated fatty acids that  sound bad but can potentially destroy bacteria that leads to heart disease! Brill! And what does it taste like in coffee?

Taste test results…

* Taste – Coconut (of course!) and a bit oily, coating your mouth.
* Texture – Hard to manage, texture or get volume, making it difficult to do latte art that we all love so much!
* Score 7/10

Now, if you’re inspired to do your own taste-testing or just keen to switch to one of these cow-free options, you can find them all in the fabulous About Life stores in Rozelle, Bondi, Cammeray and Double Bay NSW.

 What kind of milk have you been using in your coffee lately?


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