The Sacred Grounds staff is bursting with inspiration – and no, it’s not the coffee talking. We’re super excited to reveal our latest coffee bag design, created by our amazing in-house artist, Fernando Mosca. So what’s the big dealio about new bags? Well it’s not just about a fresh look (although we love it) but the story behind it and who doesn’t love a good story?


The Story

Fernando Mosca from Inspired Art Forms is an artist unlike any other. He began painting with recycled coffee grounds in 2009 which ultimately led him to Sacred Grounds. This amazing partnership was born out of a mutual love for sustainability and a passion for ethically sourced and created products. In 2014, Fernando moved into our Marrickville warehouse and started recycling used Sacred Grounds coffee, creating inspiring artworks in his very own studio space.

Sacred Tree Painting

The Sacred Grounds partnership with Fernando goes beyond simply providing a workspace and coffee grounds – it’s a shared passion that drives both parties to create an equitable and sustainable world for everyone. This collaboration has resulted in the ‘Sacred Tree’ painting, inspired by the Sacred Grounds logo and autumn colours from Fernando’s coffee painting palette. The earthy tones and bright, optimistic design perfectly complement everything our Single Origin Coffees represent. That is, coffee that’s grown organically and processed under strict Fairtrade conditions, resulting in delicious untainted flavour notes you can enjoy, guilt-free!

More Fernando brilliance!

We love having an in-house artist to inject his unique style into Sacred Grounds. Besides his amazing coffee paintings, Fernando also creates custom wind barriers and A-frame signs that also have an earthy feel to them. He uses recycled wood, mostly from palettes in our very own warehouse to create our beautifully rustic signs. You might notice them at our partner cafes – they really are works of art.

What do you think of our new Single Origin Coffee bags? 

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Emma Watson

From creating her own ‘Ozzie Mozzie Editorial’ newspaper when she was 10 to writing for ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’, Emma has always loved to write. She spends her time looking after her two kids and tapping away at the keyboard blogging at, writing for Howards Storage World and of course, for Sacred Grounds Organic. Her love of a good small cappuccino (with one sugar!) and social justice makes this a match made in heaven. Emma loves a good book, travelling and hanging at the beach with her little crew.

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