Our world is changing and more people than ever are interested in where their coffee actually comes from and the impact it has on people and the environment. This is an important awakening because it will ultimately enhance living and working conditions for third world producers and higher quality coffee for consumers. And to be honest, this is why we go to so much effort to let our customers know where and how we source our coffee because the story behind the bean matters.

This week we’re heading across the ocean to Sumatra and our incredible producers, the Sumatra Coffee House. Our relationship with this group is pretty special because we deal directly with the farm, there’s no middle man to go through so the communication is clear and the profits go directly to the producers.

The Farm

One of the best things about this partnership is dealing directly with the Sumatra Coffee House owner, Ichsan. He knows his coffee and can pass on his wisdom, experience and knowledge directly to us. We chat about everything coffee from process techniques to the latest news on Sumatran Coffee, ensuring the farmers are treated fairly and the beans we’re receiving are the freshest possible.  It’s like being on the ground in Sumatra ourselves without having to leave the building. This is what we love! 

Processing techniques

If you’re interested in the nitty gritty of coffee processing, here’s how the Sumatra Coffee House gets their beans from crop to shop:

  • Cherries are de-pulped and fermented overnight
  • Next step is to give them a little wash
  • Then they are dried to 40% moisture content
  • Beans are then wet hulled dried by leaving them out in the sun
  • This is when they adopt a slightly blue-green tinge and get down to 20% moisture
  • Beans are then transported to a dry mill in Medan where moisture levels drop further to around 12%
  • Finally they’re sorted by hand, ready to be cupped or roasted or sent on their merry way.


Our Sumatra Single Origin coffee is grown at 1400 metres in the province of Aceh and is produced by the Permata Gayo Cooperative, consisting of 15o0 members from 26 villages. The great thing about this group is that the coffee is grown and processed by the co op. This ensures that high standards of processing flows through all stages from picking to sorting and beyond.

Our Sumatra coffee is 100% organic and achieved Fairtrade certification which ensure profits flow back into the community! And the taste? This beautiful single origin coffee has a delicate flavour combo of blackcurrant with hints of soft spice and delish dark cocoa, finished off with a bright and tangy acidity.

Keen to try it? Find our Sumatra Gayo Single Origin here…

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