Over the past two or so years, Sacred Grounds’ Marketing Manager, Ali and myself have pounded the old pavement visiting some pretty fabulous partner cafes. So we thought for something a bit different, instead of making you all wait for our blog about Vitalo Cafe in Lilli Pilli next month, we’ve created a short walkthrough video so you can get the vibes from this beautiful new cafe.

Ah you know, it’s a pretty great job having to pop in for a coffee, cake, lunch and a chat. We’ve almost driven the length of Sydney meeting some really interesting and passionate cafe owners. On a regular day we rock up, order a coffee and interview the owner or manager. We love learning the story behind the cafe, why they were created and why they chose Sacred Grounds as their coffee supplier. We spoke to Patty, the owner of Vitalo Cafe and we cannot wait to share more about the ethos and passion behind this place. We often find that our own philosophy tends to be in harmony with those of our cafe partners and Vitalo is no exception.

Next it’s taste test time! We often order the specialty of the establishment to feature on the blog, or a dish that will look great in a photo – which most of them do, to tell you the truth. Then we potter around being ‘those’ people who snap fancy shots of their meals from above or using funky angles, trying to get that perfect shot before our food goes cold.

It’s such a privilege to visit these cafes, to hear their stories and to eat their incredible food – all in the name of getting their names ‘out there’ so that you guys can discover them for yourselves and maybe, just maybe follow in our footsteps and drive across Sydney for some mighty fine coffee and food! Let’s be adventurous together!

Here’s a little video we put together of our cafe of the month, Vitalo. Stay tuned for our review, popping up next month. Enjoy!


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Emma Watson

From creating her own ‘Ozzie Mozzie Editorial’ newspaper when she was 10 to writing for ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’, Emma has always loved to write. She spends her time looking after her two kids and tapping away at the keyboard blogging at filmandfood.com.au, writing for Howards Storage World and of course, for Sacred Grounds Organic. Her love of a good small cappuccino (with one sugar!) and social justice makes this a match made in heaven. Emma loves a good book, travelling and hanging at the beach with her little crew.

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