Weird & wonderful places to find our coffee

While we love to drink our delish, organic, Fairtrade coffee by the bucket-full, there are also some pretty cool places and products where you’ll find Sacred Grounds coffee. Can you guess?

Lush Australia

Now you can get clean and smell AMAZING with the cool partnership between Sacred Grounds and Lush Australia. Famous for their soap and bath bombs, Lush also makes anything from deodorant to tooth powder, skincare to hair treatments. So where does coffee come in? Well, you can find Sacred Grounds coffee in natural hair dyes –  Caca Brun Henna, Caca Maron Henna. The coffee in these henna bars helps colour the hair a lovely rich brown colour. Pretty cool, right?

Booza Ice Cream

If you haven’t heard of Booza Ice Cream, then you’re missing out! Booza uses special ingredients as a basis for its high quality ice cream. Sticks are used to pound the ice cream into a creamy, delish consistency. They also use traditional Levantine (a part of the Middle East) ingredients, Sahlab (or Salep – ground up roots of the orchid) and Mastica (gum derived from the Mastic tree). Pretty unique stuff. Our coffee is added to create a spicy and nicey coffee and cardamom ice cream that will make your tastebuds dance.

Raw Temple

Coffee is not only great in a cup, made by an expert barista but in baking! Am I right, or am I right? Our partner cafe, Raw Temple uses our coffee to make their Caffe Latte Slice that is to die for! Not only is it gluten-free, dairy-free and raw but free from sugar too! And the taste? Creamy and delicious.

Sadhana Kitchen

So where else could we possibly add our coffee? How about on a healthy version of soft serve ice cream? Oh yes you can. Head to one of the incredible Sadhana Kitchen locations in Sydney to try Sacred Grounds coffee poured over vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free Cocowhip. Seriously guilt-free deliciousness in a bowl. YUM!

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