What Exactly IS a Single Origin?

For coffee purists, a really good Single Origin bean is bliss in a cup! However if you’re fairly new to the world of coffee, the idea of this kind of beverage may be a mystery to you. At Sacred Grounds we’re passionate about flavour notes, fresh organic Fairtrade beans and our incredible range of Single Origin coffees sourced from across the globe. So it’s our absolute pleasure to introduce you and to dig a bit deeper into what makes Single Origin coffee truly special.


One of the best things about a Single Origin bean is its unique story. While coffee blends use a variety of beans from all ‘corners’ of the world, a Single Origin coffee comes from one plantation in one part of one country – emphasis on ONE! Throughout our blog, you can read the stories of our single origins, meet the farmers, the producers and find out how our coffee is actually impacting the local community. You see, these beans make more than a great cup of coffee, they change lives, bring equality for farmers and their families and provide a positive future for all involved. So while you sip on a Sacred Grounds Single Origin coffee you can fully appreciate the hard working people, the processes, the impact behind the bean in the knowledge that you’re making a difference in the world!


Now we come to the drinking, the tasting part of the Single Origin bean which is another crucial component. One of the greatest pleasures of consuming this type of coffee is learning how to identify the various flavour notes in the coffee. When grown amongst other crops and plants, the coffee beans actually absorb their flavours providing a really unique taste combination you won’t find anywhere else in the world. For example, our Nicaragua Single Origin has a beautiful fusion of chocolate, citrus and honey with a lovely sweet aroma.

The beauty of Single Origins is the wide variety of flavours you can experience from each location. Tasting a variety of Single Origins is called ‘cupping’. Much like wine tasting, each participant firstly takes in the aroma of the cup then in a dainty manner slurps on a spoonful so the coffee coats the entire tongue. What the taster is looking for is the acidity levels, the body of the coffee and ultimately the various flavours present. For more tips on coffee cupping click here…

How to Drink Single Origin Coffee

If you’re not into the whole cupping experience don’t worry there are other ways for to enjoy the range of flavours at home…


Dust off that old plunger from the 90s or perhaps upgrade to a more modern V60, Chemex and Aeropress – any of these devices will make the flavours of your Single Origin coffee sing.

We recommend:

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – soft and lemony
Sumatra Gayo –blackcurrant aroma, hints of dark cocoa and soft spice and a bright tangy acidity.
Papua New Guinea – silky smooth with chocolate, nutty flavours, a slightly fruity finish of cherry undertones and hints of vanilla.

Milk Based Espresso

Generally we’d recommend using Coffee Blends over Single Origins for your daily espresso but if you really want to give an origin a go in the form of an espresso why not try it in a piccolo form. It’s basically a 6oz version of a latte – cutie patootie!

We recommend:

  • Peru: Displays herbaceous overtones with a soft chocolate finish
  • Nicaragua: Chocolate, sweet aroma, citrus tones, honeyed, bright medium acidity, well-rounded cup.
  • Australia: Displays characters of spiced berry, sweet caramel and chocolate.

Black Espresso

To really dig into those wonderful flavours give a milk-free espresso experience a whirl. You’ll be able to discern a wider range of flavour notes and start to teach your palate how to distinguish a malty tone from nutty taste, or chocolate from caramel. So much fun!

We recommend:

  • Ethiopia Limu: Citrus lime acidity, notes of stone fruit with a hint of spice
  • Sumatra Gayo – featuring a delicate blackcurrant aroma, hints of dark cocoa and soft spice and a bright tangy acidity.
  • East Timor: Sweet & spicy with cloves, leather, tobacco and pepper, a bright orange acidity and silky body leading a long malt, burnt toffee and walnut finish.

Want to learn more about our Single Origins? Pop over to our store and enjoy a virtual stroll down our Single Origin aisle. Click here…

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