You’ve probably heard about low carbon this and that in the media, through advertising and such and it sounds like a good thing for the earth and basically for everyone. But what, precisely, is low carbon when it comes to practical day-to-day living? How do we reduce our footprint? Here’s some info that may shed some light on the subject…

What is ‘Low Carbon’?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock during the last few decades, you would have heard of the ‘Greenhouse effect’. This phenomenon is caused by the dreaded carbon dioxide produced by transport, heating our homes, various industries and more.

We all love our cars (sure beats spending hours on the back of a horse), we love staying warm in winter and super-cool in summer but it’s costing us the earth… literally. Low carbon means living a little simpler, choosing products, cars, heating, lighting and other products that have been designed with the planet in mind.

Low carbon products are usually sourced from local producers to reduce the amount of transport and energy required. They’re made with environmentally friendly processes and packaging, reducing energy use which, nine times out of ten, produces a better product anyway.

Why is it important?


Low carbon is all about reducing carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, which will hopefully slow down global warming. We already see effects of this phenomenon with the melting of the ice caps, rising sea levels and crazy temperatures destroying crops/livelihoods etc.

It’s not just about the environment but about us as people. Read our post about how climate change is killing coffee and you’ll get the shivers. Your carbon footprint has the potential to impact aspects of life we now take for granted… like the humble cup of coffee. Plus we have a beautiful world so maintaining a low carbon footprint is an easy way to keep it functional and pristine for generations to come. Convinced? 

Sacred Grounds and low carbon

As strong supporters of sustainable practices and the gorgeous environment itself, we’re all about having the lowest carbon footprint possible throughout our entire business.

Low Carbon Coffee

We developed our ‘Neighbours’ blend that sources amazing coffee from our closest organic/fairtrade producers in Papua New Guinea and South East Asia. This means less transport and storage which translates into a reduced carbon footprint.

All our takeaway cups are also biodegradable which reduced our carbon footprint by a whopping 29 tonnes of emissions in 2013, alone.

Last year we planted 37 native trees to offset the use of our delivery van through the Carbon Neutral Organisation. We are also all about recycling, using hessian bags instead of bubble wrap and recycling all the usual suspects like cardboard and paper. We’re also not a huge fan of plastic so we try to avoid it as best we can.


Throughout January and February, Sacred Grounds Organic will be donating $1 from every sale of Low-Carbon coffee bags to the Carbon Neutral Plant a Tree Program. These include five delicious blends: PNG, East Timor, Sumatra Gayo, Thailand and our Neighbour’s Blend. So pop by our website and order a few packs today!

How’s your carbon footprint looking right now?


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