2017 Australian Organic Report

The 2017 Australian Organic Report is out and for some you may yawn and say, yup another report, but for us and those passionate about everything organic, it’s actually a fascinating read! We love keeping up to date with how the organic industry is faring; the issues, the challenges and the success stories!

Who is Australian Organic?

This organisation is responsible for supporting and certifying Australian farmers and producers who sell organic produce. Their ‘bud’ logo is respected across the country and easily identifiable on items claiming to be organic.

2017 Organic News

According to the 2017 Australian Organic Report, the organic industry is flourishing! While this is great news, it also comes with a few tricky issues such as whether products are really, truly, authentically organic… or not!


This is called ‘Green-washing’. You’ve probably noticed a whole heap of ‘organic’ labels popping up across supermarkets and beyond but can you really trust a label? Australian Organic would say ‘no’. The organic industry is self-regulated which means they are quite limited when it comes to ‘busting’ those business claiming that their products are organic when they’re not.

Australian Organic chairman Andrew Monk said in the report that 

“We are absolutely concerned about greenwashing and the use of words such as organic, sustainable, natural and free-range by non-certified producers”

This is why certification by a respected organisation is really important and why all Sacred Grounds products are 100% Organic Certified with the easily identifiable ACO logo popped on the packaging.

Matt Redin from Angove Family Winemakers said, “Do your homework. Don’t go into organics just for the ‘feel good’ factor’.”

We couldn’t agree more! We’re not in this industry for the ‘trend’ factor; in fact our coffe has been 100% organic from the beginning which reflects our passion for healthy, organic products is in our blood, not a marketing ploy at all. 

Cool Stats

Now, let’s shake off the disappointment of Green-washing and head in a more positive direction. There are some pretty exciting statistics to find in the Australian Organic Report, reflecting a growing organic trend for youngsters with over half of 18-29 year olds who are trying their darndest to include organic food in their weekly shopping compared with only 1/3 of the young-at-heart (65 years and older). There was a 10% increase in shoppers actually checking labelling for well known certification logos like Australian Organic.

Australia is doing pretty well compared with the rest of the world, owning 53% of organic farms in the world! Pretty impressive stuff. The Report found that Australia had “2,075 certified organic producers, 1,163 certified processors and 513 certified handlers” in 2016. This exciting industry could possibly be worth around $2 Billion by 2018. Great news!

Organic Benefits

We all have our reasons for choosing organic over all others but it’s always interesting to see whether our reasons match up to the rest of the country! Check this out.

The top 10 benefits of organic food for Australian consumers in 2016 were:

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There is so much information in this year’s Australian Organic Report, so if you’re after more details download the entire report here… and have a look for yourself!

The theme of the Report seems to be that the organic industry is gaining popularity throughout the community, with a growing population that is more aware than ever of the immense health benefits of buying organic. However, consumers are wary of the word ‘organic’, not always trusting its authenticity. This is where initiatives like the Australian Organic ‘bud’ logo comes in handy and why certification is so vital to the growth of this industry – which is why love it and use it because we are and always have been proudly 100% organic!

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