5 Ideas for a Healthy Australia Day

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Yep, Australia Day is tomorrow and if you’re in the midst of planning the ultimate Aussie menu we have got some yummy ideas to help you out. Let’s face it, most traditional Australian BBQs aren’t that healthy but we have some great ideas that will notch up the nutrition factor and taste great too. Bonus! Here they are:

5 Ideas for a Healthy Australia Day

1. Healthy Lamingtons recipe

Sacred Grounds -Aus Day-Wholefood Lamingtons

Ok you cannot, I repeat, cannot celebrate Australia Day without Lamingtons… full stop. For some, Lamingtons simply have to be served with a dob of delicious jam and lashings of cream but did you know you can actually make HEALTHY Lamingtons? Yessss! Try this amazing Wholefood Lamington recipe with Raspberry Superjam from goodness.com.au . Packed with amazing organic ingredients and super-healthy options like coconut oil and almond meal, these Lamingtons will be the hit of the party.

Find the recipe here…

2. Organic Flat White


Did you know that the humble Flat White coffee was invented in Australia? Proud as punch, we are! Now this phenomenal coffee has reached the far shores of America and has taken off in a huge way. Go Aussies. So ditch your Latte, Cappuccino or Long Black for Australia Day, get a little bit patriotic and celebrate with a distinctly Australian bevvie – our Flat White; just make sure it’s organic!

Find out how texture milk for a Flat White here…

3. Healthy Burger Recipe

Sacred Grounds -Aus Day-burgers

Can you smell that? Sausages, lamb cutlets, prawns and beef patties, yep a BBQ is a quintessential Aussie tradition – a must for Australia Day. But this year, why not make it a little bit healthy by cooking both regular patties and some delicious lentil patties? Why choose lentils over beef? Well these little parcels are chock-full of health benefits; they reduce Cholesterol, improve heart and digestive functions, stabilise Blood Sugar, increase energy and aid weight loss. Super-duper!

Try this yummy Lentil & Cashew Burger recipe from goodness.com.au 

4. Kombucha Cocktails

Sacred Grounds- Aus Day-cocktails

Celebrating Aussie-style usually includes a few special drinks! Now you can stick to your beer and wine if you choose, but if you’re looking for a slightly healthier option, these Kombucha Cocktails are the bomb! Kombucha detoxes your body, it’s great for your gut (and who doesn’t need help in that department?), it has anti-ageing benefits (yippee!) and it helps to reduce blood pressure. Make sure you choose a Kombucha that is low in sugar and organic and you’re body will love you for it. You can find delicious organic Kombucha at our partner, About Life.

Now these recipes from My Domaine may be a slightly naughtier version of the pure Kombucha drink, but that’s ok, it’s Australia Day!

5.  Sunscreen


Weather-wise, Australia Day can be super-hot, rainy or overcast, who knows? Whatever the weather, don’t forget your sunscreen. I don’t mean to get all mother-knows-best on you but sunburn and Melanoma ain’t no fun and the sun in Australia is fierce. So whether you’re enjoying a BBQ near the beach, playing backyard cricket or listening to the Hottest 100 Countdown in your favourite easy-chair, don’t forget to slip-slop-slap and re-apply after a few hours or after a good old swim! 

 What are your plans for Australia Day?

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