Awesome Ethical Christmas Ideas

I don’t mean to freak you out but yes, Christmas IS just around the corner. Deep breath! Now to save your sanity this year, we’re advising you to ditch the last minute trip to the shops (the crowds, the hot hot air, the cranky people) and sit back in your comfiest chair and order something divine online; preferable ethical and coffee-related, right?!

Awesome Ethical Christmas Ideas

Sacred Grounds Aeropress Bundle

Got a coffee fan to buy for? Go no further than the incredible Aeropress! This handy little fella is a great way to make coffee on the run whether you’re camping, at work, on a picnic or in a rush. Combine compatible coffee (we recommend our Single Origin Ethiopia Limu – included in this bundle) with water and gentle pressure and you’ll have a beautiful, espresso-style coffee in around 1 minute. The beauty of this product is that it doesn’t just make 1 cup at a time but up to 3! This makes catering a crowd oh-so easy. And the clean-up is quick and simple – all you do is remove the filter and used coffee grounds and rinse the filter and Aeropress itself… and you’re done! Easy peasy. Order here…

Fairtrade Coffee Bundle

This bundle is a great choice! Get those tastebuds dancing with this pack of four amazing Single Origin coffees from us! Not only will the flavours make you swoon but you’ll be doing your part for the world! Yay! It features Fairtrade certified coffee that provides fair pay and conditions for farmers in Papua New Guinea, Peru, Nicaragua and Ethiopia… AND it ensures a sustainable environment AND supports the local community AND tastes amazing! A merry Christmas present indeed. Order here…(Free shipping!)

V60 Brew Kit

Christmas in Australia means stinking hot days, not always the ideal conditions for a hot cuppa coffee, but with the V60 Brew Kit you can make your own delish iced coffees. This pack includes the V60 apparatus with filter papers, our Neighbours Blend and, for a bit of adventure, our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Single Origin coffee. This is a great present for anyone who wants to expand their coffee horizons and experience a different way of brewing their favourite bevvy. Order here…

Organic Bundle

Did you know that coffee plants are one of the most chemically sprayed crops in the world? Kinda scary, really. That’s why we’re so passionate about organic coffee! So we’ve put together a beautiful bundle of some of our favourite organic single origins including: Australia, Sumatra Gayo, East Timor and Ethiopia Limu. By choosing organic coffee, you’re also helping to build sustainable farming techniques and reduce animal cruelty. Order here… (Free shipping!)

Blend Bundle

All of our blends have been created by our incredible roaster, Giles who trained as a chef in France (so he knows his flavours!) The great thing about blends is that they offer a smooth, well rounded experience, perfect for all types of brewing methods. This bundle includes our Sacred Blend, Spirit Blend, Neighbours Blend, Moonlight Blend (for those who want to go light on the caffeine). Order here…

Espresso Bundle

Believe it or not, it actually matters which type of coffee you use in your espresso machine. I, too, used to think you could whack any old coffee in and it would do the job. No siree! If you want a truly amazing espresso, these are the beans you need to use: Neighbours Blend, Nicaragua Single Origin, Ethiopia Limu Single Origin and Spirit Blend. The great thing about this pack is the variety of blends and single origins – you (or your prezzie recipient) will take your tastebuds on a coffee adventure! FUN! Order here…

Plunger Bundle

Our amazing roaster, Giles, has created this bundle, ideal for the good old plunger. Yep, the good old plunger is currently enjoying a revival! This is an incredible easy way to make coffee if you don’t have time to pop on your coffee machine. It’s also a great way to make coffee when away from home, sitting around the campfire or heading out on the road. This bundle will ensure your plunger coffee is taken to the next level with a combination of delish blends and single origin coffees: Sacred Blend, Spirit Blend, PNG and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Order here...

And now for something completely different…

Lush Australia

Did you know that Lush Australia also use our Sacred Grounds Organic Coffee in some of their products? Two of our favourite Lush products that use our beans are:

Cup O’Coffee Face and Body Scrub



Five O’Clock Whistle Shaving Cream


Luz Almond

Luz Almond have just launched a brand new ice cream flavour that uses our Sacred Grounds organic Fairtrade coffee. Using Almond milk instead of dairy, this is perfect for anyone coming over for Christmas that has restrictive dietry requirments.

Espresso Bean



Enjoy Dark Chocolate

Enjoy Dark Chocolate have also just launched their Espresso Martini Chocolate (*drooling*). It uses our Organic Sacred Grounds coffee with Kahlua as the two main ingredients; layered with praline and encased in organic 74% dark chocolate. Can I hear a “Yumbo”?

Espresso Martini


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