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For a lot of coffee connoisseurs, the thought of drinking decaf coffee sends chills down their spines. Well, maybe not chills but many think that it just won’t hit the spot without a dash of caffeine. Because of its lack of caffeine, decaf has developed a stigma that it really doesn’t taste all that good. But that’s not necessarily true – at least not with our mighty decaf coffee. Can I convert you? Watch me try.

– Organic decaf

When you’re looking for a decaf coffee, make sure it’s organic. This is so important because decaf is processed a little differently to caffeinated. Your run-of-the-mill-non-organic decaf is processed using chemicals like methylene chloride and ethyl acetate (say that 10 times fast!) Your average coffee drinker will have no idea what these chemicals really are, they’re synthetic, which means man-made, fake! So make sure your decaf is organic so you know exactly what your body is absorbing! Both our Decaf and Moonlight Blend are decaffeinated using the Mountain Water Process. 

– Mountain Water Process

All our decaf beans are processed using beautifully clear mountain water. The beans are soaked in hot water to extract the caffeine and then coffee oils are reintroduced once again but this time without the caffeine. There are absolutely no chemicals used in the this process and the coffee retains beautiful flavours from the original bean.

– Brew at home


The best way to make sure that you’re getting a fresh and tasty cup of decaf coffee is to brew it yourself at home.  Make sure to keep the coffee stored in an air tight container in the pantry to preserve the flavours and freshness of the coffee. For more tips on how to brew great coffee at home, check out this post on Cafe quality coffee at home? Yes you can! to find out how to brew like a pro.

– Benefits 

  • Caffeine effects us all differently. Some can have a latte at 10pm and still drift off to sleep in under 30 seconds whereas others (like myself) will be up eyes a-blazing at midnight after an afternoon caffeine hit.
  • Too much caffeine in a day isn’t that good for you so if you’re hankering after just one more flat white, then go for a quality organic cup of decaf.
  • Our organic decaf coffee tastes a-maz-ing! It’s full-bodied, smooth, tasty, beautiful.
  • Use fresh organic decaf to make your favourite coffee dessert recipe like Tiramisu or how about our Delish Coffee Chia pudding recipe!

Convinced? Why not try our delish Sacred Grounds organic decaf beans delivered to your door? You can have your caffeinated version in the morning then a delish decaf cuppa in the afternoon/evening! Let us know what you think.


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