Fairtrade news 2015

At Sacred Grounds, Fairtrade is more than just a logo that we add to our packaging. They have been our partners since way back in 2004 and we’ve achieved so much together. We’ve created beautiful organic coffee that provides a livelihood and a future for farmers in third world nations and ensuring that we can all enjoy incredible coffee for a long time to come.

There’s so much going on in the Fairtrade world – let me break it down for you…

  • In 2014 the Producer Certification Fund provided almost $500,000 AUD in the form of grands to 127 various groups.
  •  Global sales of Fairtrade products reach a staggering $12 billion AUD in 2014
  • Sales in Australia/New Zealand jumped 20%, with an increase of nearly $500,000,000 AUD in 2014
  • Auditing process has been simplified for producers, reducing paperwork
  • The Fairtrade Trader Standard publication was changed in 2015 with a focus on stronger relationships between buyers, producers and sellers.
  • Financial management classes were provided for 74 producer groups in 2014 to ensure loans are repaid on time and money is used efficiently.
  • Fairtrade Access Fund provided around $6 million AUD to 19 co-ops and over $24 million AUD to smaller producer groups.
  • Fairtrade International helped 1.5 million farmers/workers in 74 nations in 2014/15

Now I know there’s a whole load of numbers to get your head around (mine is still swimming) but it’s encouraging to see the levels of funding growing as well as the sales figures going through the roof.

There are still many challenges ahead such as gender equality, child labour issues and establishing acceptable living wage levels but Fairtrade is on the case! Inch by inch, things are changing. In fact Brazil has created a Fairtrade Marketing Organization to sell coffee and honey to local markets. This Fairtrade drive is so strong that Rio di Janeiro is determined to become a Fairtrade city. Go Rio!

If you’d like to read more about what Fairtrade has achieved in the past year alone, check out the Fairtrade Annual Report here… 

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