Going WILD with Kombucha

If you’ve never tried this fabulous bevvy then I tell you, it’s a MUST! Not only does it taste the goods but it’s also incredibly healthy – like superwoman/man/batman/hero healthy! But what does it have to do with coffee, you might ask… well our friends at Wild Kombucha by Ballsy actually use Sacred Grounds coffee in one of their mighty brews!

Kombucha, what?

Although quite new for us in Australia, Kombucha has actually existed for centuries in places like Japan, Russia, Eastern Europe and China. Famous for its amazing health benefits, the ancient Chinese referred to as the ‘Immortal Health Elixir’ and rightly so. Kombucha is made from green or black tea fermented with organic raw sugar. Sounds like a simple combination! The fermentation process transforms these basic ingredients with good bacteria and yeast, turning sugars into healthy acids and light bubbles making it a pleasure to drink and digest.

Great for your brain, heart and stomach, Kombucha is packed with antibiotics that reduce inflammation throughout your body which reduces the likelihood of cancer throughout the body! This beverage is full of the good kind of bacteria which is also great for your gut and has the potential to heal or prevent stomach ulcers. Other than those amazing benefits, Kombucha can also keep your liver, heart, mental health and lungs in tip top condition. And the best news is you only have to drink one glass a day to reap these healthy rewards.

Meet Ballsy Wild Kombucha

Based in Sydney Ballsy Wild Kombucha are a husband and wife team, Matt and Lara, who share a passion for health, happiness and, of course, Kombucha. It was on a trip to Hawaii that Lara and Matt developed a love for this liquid ‘health’ gold and brought back the idea for brewing their own Kombucha. After learning the brewing process backwards, the couple developed a range of tasty flavour combinations using our very own Sacred Blend in their Cold Drip Coffee Kombucha.

The Kombucha Experience

Ballsy supply Kombucha ‘on tap’ to cafes around Sydney; Orchard St Elixir Bar North Bondi (and soon Paddington), Ruby’s Diner Waverley and Greenhouse Coffee Darlinghurst and many more locations here. But the most exciting place to experience their Kombucha varieties has to be at a funky Leichardt warehouse where they offer a cellar door type experience. This means you get to taste all types of tasty Kombucha – flavours are rotated each week so you can pop in from time to time and try something completely new. Ballsy Wild Kombucha is available in both 500ml and 750ml to keep you and your household going.

Refill, Reuse

Another awesome thing about this business is how they care for the environment by reducing waste in a really simple way. Their bottles are all refillable so once you buy your first vessel, you can just give it a little one, two in the sink then take it back for your next hit of Kombucha. So good! They also recycle as much waste as they can and compost the rest at the Glover St Community Garden.

*Note that the Leichardt location is only opened to the public Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays so make sure you plan your visit accordingly. You can also visit these guys at the Carriageworks Farmers Market in Eveleigh, Sydney.

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