Have a very COFFEE Christmas

Yay, it’s December and for all us Christmas fanatics that means decorating the

old (or fresh) Christmas tree, putting up loads of tinsel and hitting the shops.

But if you don’t want to battle those crowds and the dreaded traffic this year, we have some lovely coffee-related present ideas that you can order right here on our website. Get in quick and make sure you order before 8 December for pre-Christmas delivery!!

Coffee present ideas

1. V60 Brew Kit


Imagine unwrapping this amazing kit on Christmas morning! Coffee anyone? This bundle features the incredible V60 Dripper with paper filters, perfect for coffee on the run or a refreshing, ice-cold summery beverage. The pack also includes a guide on how best to use the V60 with one pack each of our Neighbours Blend and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. Find our Cold brew recipe here and order your Brew Kit here.

2. Coffee art posters

Image thanks to Fernando Mosca
Image courtesy of Fernando Mosca

If you’re looking for a unique present for the coffee lover in your family, these amazing masterpieces are for you! These posters are digital prints of paintings created by our in-house artist, Fernando Mosca (read all about him here), using our very own coffee. They’d look great in any style of kitchen, lounge room, dining room or even hanging one a office coffee/lunch room! Browse (and order) coffee posters here.

3. Single Origin Coffee – Kenya


Our Single Origin of this month comes from Kenya! This region is in such high demand at the moment due to their incredibly high quality beans and incredible flavours. It’s actually one of the most expensive coffees in the world which is why we’re selling it for a limited time. This amazing coffee features berry, orange and apricots notes on first taste, with a floral, citrus acidity to a long sweet cocoa note to finish it off. The texture is beautifully syrupy – simply delicious. Order your Single Origin coffee – Kenya here.

4. Sacred Grounds Gift Voucher


If you’re tired of wracking your brain for that PERFECT gift, we have just the thing for you. We all have those relatives or friends who seem to have everything a person could ever need or want, so a gift voucher is always a great option. Our digital gift card makes it super-easy! All you have to do is provide the recipient’s name and we’ll send you a PDF of the gift card that you can either print out or even email to them on Christmas morning. Too easy!  Click here to order your gift cards.

5. Coffee Accessories


Passion for coffee sometimes isn’t enough to create really great brews at home. You need the right tools for the job to make your coffee something special. We have all the accessories the coffee connoisseurs in your Christmas present circle will ever need. From cleaning brushes to milk jugs, filters to ‘Coffee Catchas’, you’re bound to find something just right for your coffee-loving pal. Take a look at our Coffee Accessories here.

Well I hope we’ve made your Christmas list a little shorter. Don’t forget to put your orders in ASAP (before 8 December) for pre-Christmas delivery.

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