How Fairtrade Impacts Communities

Fairtrade means what it literally says… a fair go for everyone. Fair price, fair treatment of workers, communities, the environment. We’re so passionate about this organisation that we’ve sourced all of our coffee from Fairtrade only farms and producers. We love the stories that are told from these places where people are reclaiming their lives and the future of their families by growing some really great coffee. Here are the stories of our producers across the globe; how the Fairtrade Premium has made an impact on the communities around them. Enjoy!


Anei Cafe Cooperative has been Fairtrade certified since 2005 and the impact on their community has been impressive. Over the past 13 years, Anei has worked with the Government to fix roads and rebuild ceremonial venues. They have provided local schools with 40 solar panels and funded university education of 70 young adults from 2011 to today. Anei has purchased land for indigenous leaders and developed food security measures. In a nutshell, Fairtrade has allowed Anei to encourage gender equality, sustainability and a high quality bean which is why we’re a huge fan!

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East Timor

Our East Timorese producers are the Cooperativa Cafe Timor (CCT). These guys attained their Fairtrade sticker way back in 2001 so you can imagine the incredible impact they’ve had on their small nation over the past 17 years. They have set up further education opportunities for locals such as learning English, bookkeeping, computers and management. A co-op has also been established, helping to lower the cost of products for small businesses in the area. This alone has helped over 3000 people and their families – pretty impressive! Healthcare has also beeen a focus as well as provding a more diverse source of income for farmers so they’re not wholly dependent on coffee for their daily bread.

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Fairtrade certified since 2002, our Ethiopian producers, Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU) built 15 schools and 42 classrooms and a kindergarten to encourage kids to stay in school. OCFCU’s focus has also been on health with the creation of four clinics and 56 clean water stations. The premium has also been used to repair vehicles, roads, bridges and grinding machines and established food security to protect farmers and their crops. All this is acheived while the co-op also focusses on producing a high quality organic bean that we just love.

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Let’s head over to Central America to our producers in Nicaragua; the Cooperativa Regional de Cafetaleros de San Juan de Río Coco (or, CORCASAN). This coop was Fairtrade certified in 2005 and has gone from strength to strength since then. With their Fairtrade Premium CORCASAN has been able to conserve water and reforestation. They also have assisted workers to create bettter dwellings, significantly improving their quality of life. Education has been impacted by the premium with materials, transportation and scholarships for coop kids being provided. Women have also benefited with further studies made possible through Fairtrade which has led to employment at CORCASAN.

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Meet our Peruvian producers, the fabulous farmers of the Central de Servicios Cafetaleros del Nor Oriente coop (CECANOR). Yep, you guessed it, they’ve been Fairtrade certified for a while now, since way back in 1999! And the impact on their communities? Well one of their biggest areas of influence has been on women where they’ve been working with the Women of the Americas Coffee Foundation providing gardens, farm animals and kitchens. The premium has also been used to train women in how to undertake these projects for themselves. With education, CECANOR has been able to fix roofs, roads, flooring, sanitary areas and fields – all impossible to achieve without the support of consumers actually choosing Fairtrade products!

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Papua New Guinea

One of our closest neighbours, the Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-operative (HOAC) was Fairtrade certified in 2005. We’ve seen for ourselves the impact the Fairtrade premium has made in this struggling nation and it’s inspirational to say the least. HOAC has helped to supply fresh drinking water to 11 villages at a cost of $65,000, providing clean, healthy and accessible H2O straight into the heart of each community. Four schools and teacher accomodation has also been made possible by the Fairtrade Premium – a welcome addition to these isolated areas. Meanwhile, the farmers continue to grow, pick, process and pack some of the best organic coffee in the world!

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Another close neighbour, Sumatra is one of the best places on earth to grow coffee thanks to its rich volcanic soil and tropical climate. Fairtrade certified in 2009, our Sumatran producers are the Permata Gayo Cooperative – a group made up of over 3,000 members. Thanks to the Fairtrade Premium, the Permata Gayo Cooperative have been able to buy new tools, portable weeding machines and train future farmers in sustainability and environmentally-friendly processes. With a strong focus on female farmers, Permata Gayo Cooperative have used the premium to fund their Women’s Microcredit Program empowering women through loans to start their own businesses. So good!

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