How Organic is Your Coffee Really?

The term ‘organic’ is something that should be 100% trustworthy but many people have started doubting whether what they’re buying is actually really truly organic in the purest sense. So how do you know how organic is your coffee, really? Read on…

Australian Certified Organic

If you see the ‘bud’ logo of Australian Certified Organic, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the acheter cialis product you’re buying is the real deal. This organisation only certifies products and businesses after rigorously analysing everything from processing to the ingredients themselves.


The general ACO certification process is as follows:

  1. Applicants receive a kit to complete, to be returned with a fee
  2. Documents etc are reviewed and missing information requested
  3. ACO officers visit the site to ensure all is up to scratch
  4. Inspector files report to ACO
  5. Report is reviewed and either passed or rejected.

Businesses must prove they’ve been operating within strict organic guidelines for three years before they receive their final accreditation. So you can see how trustworthy the ACO bud really is for consumers.

Importing Organic Items

Australia’s quarantine standards are thankfully quite strict which can be a problem when importing organic ingredients or products. Chemical treatment of green beans would obviously mean that the coffee can no longer be deemed ‘organic’. So how to get around this? The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources requires importers to apply for an Import Permit, providing details of producers and any other relevant information. If organic businesses are savvy about who they buy from, the area, the farm itself being certified organic, this goes a long way to protecting products from fumigation at the Australian border.

This is a tricky process and one that is essential to get right in order for products to remain certified organic.

Sacred Grounds & ACO

Organic is at the heart of Sacred Grounds which is why all our coffee blends and single origins are certified organic by ACO. But that’s not all, even our roasting facility has been given the tick (or bud) of approval by ACO. We also ensure that all of our producers across the world have had organic certification and ongoing assessments to ensure high standards are maintained.

Organic isn’t a buzz word to us, it’s the core of our business and all of our products. It is our aim to leave a positive impact on our world, on the environment, people, land and animals. We’re also passionate about creating great coffee that not only tastes amazing but is great for the health of our customers.

Why not try our blend with the lowest carbon footprint; Our Neighbours Blend created with organic coffee from Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Sumatra. This beautiful coffee is exhibits subtle berry characteristics with a lovely nutty aftertaste. Order here…

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