How to Drink Light Roast

To the uninitiated, light roast may appear to be a rather rad way of losing weight! Light = healthy, right? Wrong! Light roast coffee actually refers to the amount of time the bean has been roasted. In this case, not very long which is why it’s a lighter colour. Makes sense, right? 


So why roast a coffee bean for less time? Some may think the coffee may taste a little unripe or bland but in fact the opposite is true. As the roasting time has been cut short, the flavours are actually a lot stronger. The bean has had limited exposure to the impact of the roasting contraption which can be a good thing. Typically, light roast coffee maintains incredible flavours such as berries, flowers or chocolate, depending on where it’s been grown.

Acidity is low resulting in a smoother, more enjoyable coffee drinking experience.

How to Drink Light Roast

A unique little bean, our light roast coffee is also a little temperamental – like all good things. It’s not a great fan of the espresso machine so steer clear of lattes, cappuccinos and the rest.


Dust off your old plunger and get plunging.

  • Grind your light roast coffee beans using a coarse setting. Use about 10mg per serve (one heaped tablespoon)
  • Ideally, fill your plunger with water that’s just below boiling (90-95 degrees).
  • Brew for 3-4 minutes.
  • Plunge away and enjoy!


Alternatively you can use a fancy Aeropress or the like…


  • AeroPress
  • Paper or metal disc filter
  • Coffee – freshly and lightly roasted 
  • Filtered water
  • Kettle – Gooseneck recommended
  • Grinder (medium to fine grind)
  • Tablespoon or scale (optional)
  •  Timer


  • Coffee: Water =  1 : 12.9
  • 14g of coffee : 180g of water

Let’s Brew!

1. Measure out your coffee and set grinder to “medium to fine” grind.
2. Boiling water and then remove from heat. (NOTE: Never pour boiling water straight onto coffee grounds – it will scorch them and give coffee a burnt flavour.) Allow the water to cool for 30 seconds (temperature should be between 195-205 F. = 90-92 C.)
3. Extend and invert Aeropress to allow for 180g water dose.
4. Add grounds into the Aeropress.
5. Pre-infuse – 14g of hot water (1:1)
6. Blooming – Let the grounds bloom for 30 seconds.
7. Pour water – add remaining water, ensuring all grounds are fully saturated.
8. After 2:30 minutes steep time (including blooming time) flip and plunge into carafe.

PLEASE NOTE: Adjust grind size/steep time to taste.

Sacred Grounds Light Roast Coffee

Ethiopia is one of the best places in the world for quality coffee – in fact, coffee was born here so it’s had a really long, rich history in this nation. With this in mind we’ve sourced our light roast coffee from this amazing country. It’s Ethiopia Yirgaheffe and it is delicious.

An incredibly fertile part of the world, the region of Yirgaheffe boasts perfect growing conditions for coffee including high altitudes, iron rich soil and organic, sustainable farming techniques. And the taste? As you can imagine it’s a sweet little bean with delicate floral notes, very clean taste with light lemon aromas. So good. Buy it here… 

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