Make Your Coffee Travel

With holidays upon us and whatever you have planned for these days off, don’t be caught without a quality coffee in hand. Whether you’re road tripping it, heading off to a holiday house or braving tent life in freezing camp grounds – we have everything you need to keep warm, bright and well caffeinated.

There are so many ways to make quality coffee when you’re away from home, so don’t fall for the old instant (blergh) coffee or pod varieties. Let’s face it – they never really satisfy and are not great for the environment or our health. So, to take your Sacred Grounds Fairtrade Organic coffee on hols with you why not use these fab options…


Incredibly easy to use, the Aeropress’ slim design will fit neatly into any suitcase, over-sized handbag or deep cargo pant pocket. All you need is a boiling apparatus (kettle, Billy Can, heck, even a saucepan will do), grinder or ground light roast coffee, timer and paper filters.


1. Use 17g of coffee beans or one heaped Aeropress scoop of the good stuff and grind medium-fine.
2. Pop a paper filter into the basket then carefully pour boiled water over the basket/filter paper.
3. Heat your mug/cup and rinse the brew chamber as well.
4. Pop the filter back onto the chamber and put it on top of your mug. Add coffee grounds.
5. Quickly fill with water (within 10 seconds of adding coffee) until it reaches all the way up to number four (or 220g water). Make sure all coffee grounds are covered.
6. Stir. Place plunger on top but don’t push down just yet. After 1 min 15 stir grounds again. Then plunge away. Drink and enjoy!

Use Sacred Grounds Light Roast Ethiopian Yirgaheffe coffee for perfect Aeropress brews.


Ah the good old plunger – brings back memories of spikey hair-dos (or don’ts) and nineties hippedy hop. But the great news is that plunger coffee is back and better than every. It’s also a cost-effective apparatus to carefully pack for your next trip away. Forgotten how to use it? No probs – it’s simple and effective and best used with some mighty fine Sacred Grounds Fairtrade Organic coffee, right?!

How to… PLUNGE!

1. Use approximately 10g ground coffee and place in the plunger.
2. Boil water and cool just below boiling point then pour over the coffee grounds.
3. Pop on the plunger head but don’t press down just yet.
4. Let coffee brew for 3-4 minutes.
5. Gently plunge then pour and enjoy.

We love this method so much we’ve created our very own Plunger Bundle including; Sacred Blend, Spirit Blend, PNG and Ethiopia Yirgaheffe. Shop here for your holiday plunger bundle…


Stove Top

Retro is hip and happening at the moment. Hipsters around the world are digging back into the recent-ish past, rediscovering a simpler time when things were built to last, when things didn’t need charging, batteries or the wide world web. Sigh. Good times. The Stove Top coffee maker is one of those quality retro appliances that keeps going and going and going. Portable, sturdy and reliable, this little gem is a perfect addition to any trip near or far.


1. Rinse out the pot
2. Fill up the base to the maximum line or 1/2cm below safety valve.
3. Pop basket into the base and add coffee grounds until 3/4 full – don’t tamp.
4. Screw jug on and get ready to brew.
5. Place Stove Top Percolator on a heat source turned to low.
6. Leave for about 5 mins or when you hear it gurgling away.
7. Pour and enjoy!

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