Master Your Own Latte Art

What’s not to love about coffee? First you start with some quality Fairtrade organic awesome Sacred Grounds beans (sneaky plug) bursting with incredible flavours. Then you turn those beans into mighty fine, warm, zing-inducing beverages. And if that’s not enough awesomeness then you can add your very own creative signature using froth and some powdered choccy (if you like)!

While baristas may make latte art look like child’s play there’s actually a lot that has to happen before the final touches are added. So how exactly do you make sensational latte art like a pro? Well, let’s start with simple designs and go from there…

Basic Foundations

For every latte art design, you’ll need the same simple foundation. It goes a little like this…

1. Grab a good quality barista jug
2. Brew up a quality espresso shot (not sure how? Read this… Coffee Extraction 101)
3. Crema – make sure your milk is beautifully silky and your latte art will sing (how? read this… Steaming Milk for the Perfect Latte )


Now you’ve got your foundation under control, let’s get creative! Whether you’re making a morning brew for your beloved or just after a dash of sweetness to your coffee, a latte heart is the way to go. It’s also one of the easiest methods of latte art – bonus! Here are the how-to’s to get you going…

1. Fill cup 3/4 full with textured milk
2.  Tilt cup on its side towards the spout of the milk jug so that you can get it as close and level to the crema as possible.
3. Pour in the middle and hold the jug there while a circle forms. When it’s big enough lift up a little and sweep through the middle forming a lovely heart shape.

Watch this!


So you’ve mastered the beautiful heart, now it’s time for you to perfect the delicate Rosetta. To the untrained eye, the Rosetta pattern may look like a cute wrinkly elephant (just add eyes!) but for us, it’s a much loved classic. So pop on your coffee machine, we’re creating here!

1. Fill your fave coffee cup 2/3 full with lovely textured milk.
2. Pour the milk then get your wriggle on by wiggling the jug from side to side while moving backwards. Beautifully wrinkly layers will start to build.
3. When you’ve reached the top of the cup, hold it for a few seconds then lift and sweep the jug through the middle of the pattern and you’re done!

If in doubt, we’ve made a little how-to video… check it out.


Oh you pretty thing! Our next beautiful creation is the delicate, gorgeous Tulip. The perfect mix of a Latte Heart and a Rosetta, the Tulip is something truly special. Here’s how to create your own floral masterpiece…

1. Pour textured milk into cup while moving jug from side to side as until you reach the other side of the cup.
2. Repeat but this time form a semi-circle as you move across the cup.
3. Repeat 1 & 2 until cup is almost full.
4. Make your last semi-circle and sweep through (like a heart) from one side of the cup to the other.

Confused? Watch this…

From these fairly simple designs, you can go on to create your own style of latte art, transforming your coffee from rather good thanks to AMAZING!

Grab some of our incredible Fairtrade Organic coffee right here…

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