Meet our Decaf Producers: Anei, Colombia

You’ve probably heard it before but coffee really is changing the world, bean by bean. Fairtrade has done so much for our world, helping to develop sustainable farming techniques and providing fair pay/conditions for workers throughout the world.

For over 20 years, Anei in Colombia has not only produced amazing coffee but has made a huge impact on their local community. Our decaf coffee is sourced from this incredible coop, so we thought it was time that we told you their story.

Where it all began

One of the unique aspects of Anei is that it was created by one woman, Aurora Izquierdo. A local woman, Aurora left her home to study at university before returning to set up Anei in 1995. Her dream was to create a harmonious balance between culture, nature and the people of the region. This philosophy has helped the coop to thrive, ensuring sustainability for the land and its people. 


Fast forward 20 plus years and you’ll find Anei working harder than ever. The dream of one lady has turned into a well-oiled machine, supporting 700 families from four ethic groups and 30,000 indigenous members. Pretty impressive! They have achieved a whole host of certifications including Fair Trade, USDA Organic, EURO Organic and more. Their focus is on protecting their beautiful environment consisting of mountains, rivers and their incredible wildlife. This not only provides conservation benefits but ensures the coops longevity and high quality of soil and water. They have even developed their own organic fertiliser, doing away with commercial versions dripping with chemicals.

Anei’s Community Impact

One of the greatest impacts an organisation can have is on its people and while Anei looks after the natural environment, it doesn’t stop there. People and culture are a vital part of this coop because it’s the farmers themselves who will implement sustainable farming practices. This is why Anei provides on-going training for all its members and has joined the Government in offering grants for university students to ensure sustainability becomes an important part of their community for years to come.

Anei also uses their Fairtrade premium to purchase land for indigenous leaders, rebuilding ceremonial locations and working the Government to create accessible roads. Their community focus is also on food security and providing education opportunities for the children of the district.

One of the most amazing things about this coop is the way in which they support and encourage female farmers. In 2016, Anei supported 112 female coffee growers providing training, technology and equal opportunities that is rare in this field of work. Gender equality is an important part of this organisation and probably one of the reasons they have been so successful.

Anei and Sacred Grounds

And then there’s us! We’re so proud to be in partnership with this amazing coop. Don’t you just love hearing these stories? It makes your cup of coffee taste even better, knowing that it is helping the poor and our earth in practical ways. Anei is our decaf producer and if you’ve never tried really good decaf coffee, then you’re in for a treat. It has been processed using the Mountain Water method which, like the SWISS WATER process, is completely organic and chemical free.  So you know it’s good for you and the world… bonus! Why not give it a try. Order your Sacred Ground Decaf Coffee today!


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