Origin of the month: East Timor

It’s that exciting time of the month when we profile one of our amazing origin coffee beans. If you haven’t tried a few different varieties, you’re missing out! This month’s origin of choice, if you haven’t already guessed, comes from our tiny neighbour, East Timor.


East Timor has had its fair share of trouble, devastated by an Indonesian occupation that claimed 100,000 East Timorese lives over 25 dreadful years. In 1999 this ended and East Timor began to rebuild, with coffee becoming an important part of economic and social recovery.

Meet the producers

Founded in 2000, the Cooperativa Café Timor (CCT) achieved its Fairtrade certification in 2001. Since then, CCT has used the Fairtrade premium to bring real change to their local community creating eight health clinics, developing business skills and building a wholesale co-op selling reasonably priced goods to stores in regional areas.

Today it has a whopping 21,553 members, 444 small farmer groups who look after 26,352 hectares of organic coffee crops. As you can imagine, this industry has made a huge impact on East Timor, providing income for one quarter of the population.

The coffee

This origin isn’t just a feel-good story, these beans are sure to make your taste buds sing! Coffee plantations in East Timor can be found growing at between 800-15oo metres (read our post on How altitude affects coffee flavours here). This is the ideal elevation for rich, smooth, high quality coffee. Once picked, beans are processed using a washing technique (read more about Coffee processing techniques here) resulting in perfectly balanced acidity levels.  And the taste? Well, if you like sweet, spicy with hints of tobacco (yes, you read it right), a touch of pepper with a bright orange acidity, a smooth body finishing with a long malt, burnt toffee and walnut notes, then you’ll love our East Timor origin! Try it today.

Which Sacred Grounds origin have you tried?

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