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Sacred Grounds isn’t just about incredible coffee. It’s not just about single origins and beautiful blends. We’re also all about doing our part to create a world that treats people with dignity starting with paying them a decent wage and ensuring working conditions are up to scratch.

Palms Australia

This is why we love organisations like Palms Australia. For one, they’ve been around since day dot – namely, 1956 – when they were known as the Paulian Association. Their initial vision was to basically help people on the edge of society, desperately in need of better health, education and other vital services.

In 1961 they expanded to include communities overseas and now their volunteers can be found in places like Tanzania, East Timor, PNG, and indigenous Australian communities.


This organisation does so much! It continues to work toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) with volunteers focussing on creating sustainable conditions and outcomes for countries and people in need. They aren’t just talking the talk (although it is important to get the word out) but they are living what they are believing and inspiring others to take time out of their lives to give to others. Pretty amazing!


Palms Australia acknowledges that sending money to third world countries is important but volunteering time and expertise goes a lot further. Most volunteers stay in a community for 2 years, giving them time to form relationships and follow through on projects before they have to leave again.

The volunteers live with a host family giving them insight into how the local community ticks and what their needs are from the people who are in the know. One of the best outcomes of the volunteer program is the up-skilling of local people. This means the work can be carried on long after the volunteer has arrived home.

Who can volunteer?

Volunteers range from doctors to IT specialists, teachers to plumbers and nearly everything in between. In fact any trade and almost any profession is welcome, depending on the community and their needs of course.

But it’s not just a case of filling out a form and hopping on a plane, volunteers have to go through one of six training courses, tailored to suit the volunteer and the culture they’ll be experiencing. They also provide a course for those returning home, giving volunteers a chance to debrief and resettle back into their regular routines.

Sacred Grounds & Palms Australia

We are so proud to be a supporter of this worthy organisation. Palms uses our Fairtrade Organic coffee in one of their many fundraising endeavours – The Fairtrade Coffee Company.

Donate today!

Palms Australia is one of those rare charities where 100% of donations go towards supporting a volunteer! All admin costs are covered by other organisations, meaning your dollar is going to stretch further. To donate or dare I say volunteer, go to

If you were to volunteer anywhere in the world, where would it be?

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