PNG – Single Origin

We talk a lot about our Single Origins – their flavours, how to drink them and even the people behind the bean. It’s all important because we just love our coffee and we love how it impacts the world in a positive way. Most of our coffee comes from impoverished nations around the world and we know through our partnership with Fairtrade that this brings life and a future to these communities. So it is with our Single Origin from one of our nearest neighbours, Papua New Guinea.

The People

For over a decade we’ve been working with a rather special co-operative in PNG – Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-operative (HOAC ). The co-op was formed in 2003 and Fairtrade certified since 2005. It now boasts over 2,600 members – which is a staggering amount when you consider the petite size of PNG. Farmers work small areas located in the Eastern Highlands Province where the volcanic soil is rich and the rainfall is significant. Sustainability is important to each farmer and because their plantations are small, they’re able to have more control over coffee growing, picking and processing because they’re able to do all of these themselves.

Chairman of HOAC, Daniel Kinne has worked closely with Sacred Grounds to ensure transparency and to provide feedback on how the Fairtrade Premium has impacted the local community.

The Impact

There are so many reasons to love Fairtrade but one of the most important is the Fairtrade Premium that is set aside to build the local community with projects such as roads, schools and medical centres. In PNG, HOAC have used the Premium to provide fresh water for 11 villages, to build more classrooms for local schools and improve roads in the area. They have also impacted medical centres by donating mattresses, beds and medicine to enhance living conditions of the surrounding community.

As the co-op sells more beautiful Fairtrade Organic coffee beans, the impact on their people will only grown and improve – another reason we simply love our PNG producers and, of course, their beans.

The Beans

Talking of beans, let’s dig into the beauty, the taste, the flavours of our Single Origin PNG coffee. One of the unique features of Single Origin beans are the intense flavour notes you’ll be able to pick out. Our PNG beans exhibit a delicate combination of nutty chocolate with a hint of fruit with cherry undertones and whispers of vanilla. It’s a really well balanced bean with a smooth aftertaste – a crowd pleaser for sure which is why it’s one of our most popular coffees.

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