Sacred Blend Flavour Notes

Coffee blends are always a crowd pleaser. Full of smooth, delicious flavours lovingly blended by our amazing former French Chef, our blends combine organic beans with tasty tangs and well-balanced everyone will love. This week we’re looking at one of our favourite blends, the Sacred Blend.

Flavour Notes

The beauty of this blend is in the perfect balance of flavours and tones. It features a sharp but incredibly clean acidity with a sweetness that will get those taste buds dancing. If you’re a chocoholic you’re going to love this blend because dark chocolate tones flow from first sip to the amazing aftertaste. Perfectly balanced with a slightly spicy taste, this blend is not only beautifully smooth but really interesting to taste and savour.


The beans in all of our blends have been carefully sourced from around the world. Each bean has a unique taste depending on the individual farm it has been grown on. Other plants in the area (including fruit trees) impact the flavours existing in this little brown vessel of goodness. So where does our Sacred Blend beans come from?


This incredible land is the birthplace of coffee and still famous throughout the world for its high quality coffee beans. Our producers in Ethiopia are the Fairtrade Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU) who first formed in 1999. This group produces 65% of the nation’s coffee in the southern and southwest section of Ethiopia.

It’s a medium roast coffee with hints of berry with floral and fruity notes. Delish!


Famous for its rich volcanic soils, Papua New Guinea is the ideal place for growing quality coffee. Our producers in this nation are Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-operative – formed in 2003 and Fairtrade certified in 2005 – this incredible group of farmers continue to produce a consistent high level of coffee year after year.

For all you chocoholics out there, this coffee is for you. With hints of delicious dark chocolate, it also exhibits beautiful nutty flavours with a hint of cherry. Yum.


The Central de Cafetaleros del Nor Oriente co op in Peru are an incredible group of farmers dedicated to growing quality organic Fairtrade coffee that we simply love. Boasting 1,340 members in 6 co-ops, women are also a vital part of their success.

This coffee is a really interesting one with herby flavour notes beautifully combined with soft velvety chocolate.


Another incredible coffee growing region, our Nicaraguan producers Cooperativa Regional de Cafetaleros de San Juan de Río Coco have been Fairtrade certified since 2005. This region produces 100% Arabica coffee on the stunning tropical hillsides under lush canopies of natural shade.

The Nicaraguan part of our Sacred Blend brings, once again, chocolate – this time with citrus tones, a hint of honey and a bright medium acidity.

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