Sacred Blend – Sweet & Rich

Our Sacred Blend is like a party person – a crowd pleaser; yep this blend lights up a room (make that a coffee machine, work meeting, yawning morning or whatever coffee situation you find yourself in). Sweet and delicious, this blend combines the best coffee beans from around the world, honed by our Master Roaster and former French chef – so it’s got to be good, right!

The Beans

There’s a part of the world called the ‘Coffee Belt’ where the conditions are absolutely perfect for growing our favourite crop and all of the countries featured in our Sacred Blend are smack-bang in the middle of this beautiful belt.

Papua New Guinea

Located north of Australia, this small island nation is home to some of the most delicious coffee in the world. Thanks to its rich volcanic soil and tropical rain, PNG offers ideal growing conditions for coffee crops. All of our PNG coffee for this blend as well as our Single Origin PNG are sourced from the HOAC group – a coop made up of 2600 members.

HOAC achieved Fairtrade certification in 2005 and has been working hard at not only producing quality organic coffee beans but giving back to their local community.


Coffee was born here and developed into one of the most sought-after beans throughout the world. Conditions here are just too good – their organic coffee is sensational and this is why we’ve included it into our amazing Sacred Blend coffee.

Our Ethiopian producers hail from the OCFU – the largest Fairtrade coop in Ethiopia with 240 members including 208,728 farmers and out of this number an incredible22,302 female farmers. Certified since 2002, these guys have made a huge impact growing 65% of their nation’s coffee.


Now let’s head over to South America with our Peruvian Producers, Central de Cafetaleros del Nor Oriente or CECANOR for short. Established and Fairtrade certified in 1999, this organisation is made up of 1,340 members across 6 co ops. Gender equality is a vital part of CECANOR, with the women able to work separately to male farmers in order to create their own quality coffee, creating an independent livelihood, setting themselves up for life.

And the coffee itself? This Peruvian coffee adds a beautiful combination of  herb and chocolate to our delish Sacred Blend.


Located in Central America (and once again in the middle of the coffee belt), this land is famous for its mountains, lakes and, you guessed it, coffee! Most of the coffee grown in Nicaragua comes from the North Central Highlands which features mild temperatures and higher rainfall – ideal for our precious coffee crops.

Another tongue twister,Cooperative Regionalde Cafetaleros de San Juan de Rio Coco (or CORCASAN) are our Nicaraguan Producers. Passionate about all things Fairtrade and organic, these guys have been operating since 1978 – so they know coffee backwards. The co op has 250 members and 160 farmers and still growing.

Fairtrade & Sacred Blend

As you can see, all of these co ops have one major thing in common – they are all Fairtrade certified. This is a vital part of our business and we’re determined that all coffee that comes through our doors has made a positive impact on its farmers, producers and the surrounding environment.

Fairtrade is all about ensuring that all parties involved are treated fairly, work conditions are humane and financial remunerations are equitable. But wait, there’s more! Not only are the workers looked after but the community itself benefits from a Fairtrade certified farm in its midst. The Fairtrade Premium pours much-needed money back into the community funding projects such as clean water, schools, medical centres and training organisations.

So when you try out our Sacred Blend coffee, not only will you enjoy the smooth, sweet, chocolate-y tones but you can rest easy knowing that every cup you drink is providing a livelihood, a strong community and a sustainable environment for those in the third world.

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