Sacred Grounds’ Decaf Revival!

You know those times between 5pm and 10pm when you just want to sip on your favourite coffee without risking a night of tossing and turning? Well, the good news is that you actually can have your coffee and drink it too with our delish decaf. Now this poor fella has had a bit of a daggy reputation but no longer. Well, we assure you that a good decaf can in fact be flavoursome and hit the spot even without the extreme zing of caffeine.

Sacred Grounds Decaf


It’s important to note that our decaf is 100% organic – this is more crucial with the decaf variety than any other because traditional methods of processing decaf usually utilise loads of awful chemicals. So it’s really important to choose an organic decaf, not only for your own health but for the benefit of the environment and the local community.

And the taste? Processed using the Mountain Water Decaf method, our decaf displays sweet hints of cocoa and spice with beautifully nutty flavour. Yum! So you see that decaf coffee does not, I repeat, does not equal bad or ‘fake’ coffee. If you choose an organic, single origin and high quality decaf like ours, then you’re sorted for all kinds of late night brewing.

Note: Make sure you store your decaf coffee correctly in an air tight container in a dry, dark place.


Our organic decaf is sourced from Anei in Colombia. This coop is pretty unique, created by one woman, Aurora Izquierdo in 1995. The coop supports over 700 families and 30,000 indigenous members, creating opportunities, infrastructure and a firm future for the community as a whole. Anei encourages female farmers by providing technology, training and opportunities to support themselves and their families through the coffee industry. Read more about this amazing coop here…


And if discovering that decaf is actually an awesome option isn’t great enough, then we have more exciting news! Our decaf is experiencing a makeover with a switch from the beautiful brown packaging to the bright, colourful design, matching our single origin coffee bags. The coffee itself won’t be changing, only its lovely appearance.

Fun fact: Did you know that the Sacred Grounds Decaf has always been a Single Origin bean? So it makes sense that the packaging should reflect this!

Hand painted by local artist, Fernando Mosca, our new decaf coffee bags will be hard to miss. Inspired by the Sacred Grounds ‘tree’ logo, this beautiful design reflects the earthy, optimistic heart of our business. You can read more about Fernando and the new design right here! We hope you love them as much as we do! Art and coffee, a perfect combination.

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