See you at MICE 2016

It’s that time of year again where we hop on a plane, dust off our best Victorian accent and head down to the Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition (MICE). This event gets our creative juices flowing, there’s so much to taste, see and learn! Have you been before?

This year, the Sacred Grounds team will be doing a funky showcase on the Coffee Works Express stand.  Here are the details:

Time: 10am
Date: 18th March
Duration: 1 hour
Stand: Coffee Works Express
Showcasing: Single Origin Nicaragua – Organic, FairtradePop

While you’re at MICE you’ll learn all about the latest coffee trends, how to create insane latte art and how to identify flavour notes in a wide variety of coffee origins and blends. Bliss!

Nicaraguan Coffee World

And talking fabulous coffee, at MICE we’ll be featuring our very own Nicaragua Single Origin coffee. This beautiful bean comes from the Madriz region of Nicaragua, grown around the hills of San Juan del Rio Coco.

Way back in 1978, 87 farmers in the Madriz region banded together to sell coffee and support their local communities. They pretty much battled alone, reaping only small benefits and it was years before Fairtrade could make this happen on a large scale. The group, now called Coop Regional Cafetaleros San Juan Rio Coco (CORCASAN) officially received its Fairtrade certification 2005 and currently has 250 members.

After this, CORCASAN’s reputation in the coffee industry was firmly established with international sales to USA and Europe rising quickly. This success flowed directly into their communities funding infrastructure programs and pouring much-needed funds back into the coop. Their dreams were finally realised.

Nicaragua Single Origin

Nicaragua sits in the middle of what’s called the ‘coffee belt’, or as I like to call it, middle earth. Thanks to its ideal growing conditions, more coffee is grown in Nicaragua than any other crop, so it really is the lifeblood of this small nation.

Our Nicaragua Single Origin is a moderately dark bean with chocolate, citrus tones and a honeyed, bright medium acidity. It has quite a sweet aroma, creating a well-balanced cup you can enjoy morning, noon or night!

Keen to try it? Don’t forget to head down to MICE and chat to the friendly Sacred Grounds peeps. See you there!

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