Take up the Fairtrade challenge!


Are you up for a challenge that could possibly, potentially change the world you live in by drinking awesome coffee? Ticks all the boxes for me! From 13 May – 15 May (that’s THIS weekend, people) Fairtrade International is going to count how many Fairtrade coffees are consumed around the world! Why? So that all of us who are passionate about Fairtrade (and those new to the cause) can see the immense impact choosing Fairtrade coffee can be for producers around the globe.

It’s also about encouraging businesses who haven’t yet hopped on the Fairtrade train to open their eyes and get on board! Because choosing to go down the Fairtrade route not only has implications on the farmers and producers but our environment. This Fairtrade Fortnight is all about helping farmers tackle climate change by getting us coffee addicts to buy their products. Too easy! Hopefully…

The Details

Where: Ruby Lane | Shops 1 & 2, 200 Pittwater Rd, Manly
Date: Saturday 14th May
Time: All Day! 6:30pm – 4pm
Deal:$1 Sacred Grounds Coffee when you like Ruby Lane on Facebook and check- in!
Coffee Tasting: Organic Fairtrade Single Origins Tasting hosted by Sacred Grounds, Between 9:30am – 11am

Why get involved?

There’s seriously nothing easier to do than choose Fairtrade coffee over all other alternatives. Currently coffee prices are at rock-bottom, primarily due to a lack of vision from some coffee companies. Fairtrade not only secures a fair price for its producers but it ensures that farms are sustainable and have long-term plans for future crops through investment in technology, training and support. When you’re a Fairtrade farm, an impressive 25% of the premium goes back into ensuring the quality and quantity of the crop is the best it can be!

How to get involved

This weekend, grab a few friends, colleagues, neighbours and organise your own ‘Largest Fairtrade Coffee Break‘ on earth! Why not treat yourself while doing your bit for the world at our amazing partner cafe, Ruby Lane in Manly?! They’re offering $1 Sacred Grounds Organic Fairtrade coffees for anyone who ‘checks in” and ‘likes’  the Ruby Lane Facebook page between 13-15 May! Not only will you be treated to an incredible menu and delish coffee but you’ll be helping to raise awareness of Fairtrade and global warming.  That’s a day well spent, I reckon!


The Challenge

Ok so you’ve heard the why and how, so here’s the whaaaaat! This challenge is epic, spanning continents, time zones and cultures. It’s going to be BIG! So when you’re sipping down on your Fairtrade latte, cold brew etc head over to the Fairtrade Challenge website to log your cup! First you register, either as an individual or a host then, come Friday, you start logging your coffees. But don’t do it alone, invite your friends to join you for a brew at your local hang, your living room or workplace. Now if you’re super-competitive, you’ll love tracking the challenge’s leader board.

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Are you up for it?

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