Taste & see with our organic bundle

Did you know it’s Organic Awareness Month? Yay for September!! To celebrate this awesome time of year, we’ve put together a bundle that we think you’re going to enjoy.

But it’s not just any cialis generique old thrown together kind of package. This one has been buy levitra odt price carefully curated by our amazing roaster, Gilles, a former French chef and insane expert in all things coffee. Gilles has selected four organic single origin coffees that have a variety of flavour characteristics, so you can really learn how to pick up on a wide range of flavours.

Why organic coffee?

Coffee is one of the most chemically drenched plants on the planet. This is why we love organic coffee so much. It’s great for the environment and for our customers… oh and us too! We love the taste and the fact it’s not going to do any harm to our bodies.

The bundle

Our Organic Bundle has four incredible coffees, all with different flavour combos. Check them out!


This spunky coffee has a delicate aroma of blackcurrant, followed by hints of dark cocoa and soft spice. And the acidity? Bright and tangy!

Ethiopia Limu

Fruity and delish, this coffee displays notes of  notes of stone fruit with a hint of spice. Nice! It also has a beautiful citrus lime acidity that you’ll love.

East Timor

Different altogether, our East Timor single origin has a sweet spicy cup with notes of cloves, leather, tobacco and pepper.  What a cool combo! Combine these flavours with a bright orange acidity and a silky body leading a long malt, burnt toffee with a walnut finish and you’ve got one incredible coffee.


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! So happy to have this one on the list. Our Australian single origin displays characters of spiced berry, sweet caramel and chocolate. Sweet and smooth, just like us Aussies.

Order now!

Drooling? Ready to taste? Pop over to our website and order your Organic Bundle now. Each pack comes with a handy postcard with tasting notes and information about each single origin coffee, so you’ll know what flavours to look out for. Enjoy!! 

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