The World Fairtrade Challenge

Most of us love a good party – a time to celebrate, well, anything, really as long as we have our favourite people in attendance, the reason doesn’t really matter…or does it? As much as we love gatherings, imagine celebrating something that makes a real difference in the world, imagine getting together with your pals to increase awareness and to enjoy things that will create equality and justice for the poor among us. Sound good? Well, do we have an event for you!

The World Fairtrade Challenge

Although it sounds more like a road race or a super-competitive event, The World Fairtrade Challenge is none of those things. It’s a deeper, more substantial challenge, a soul challenge if you like and the best part is that it’s fun. This event can be anything you like from a Fairtrade coffee with a mate to a fully fledged Fairtrade party featuring products and information, inspiring your community to invest more in the wonderful world of Fairtrade.

It kicks off across the world on 12th May and runs until 14th May, so get cracking on your party invites now! You can also track how Australia or even your home town is faring compared to the rest of the world here – Fairtrade Challenge. I love this part of the challenge – it makes you feel like you’re part of something big, important and when you think about it, the event actually is something that unites the world and isn’t that something we need at the moment?!

How to get involved

With only 9 days to go, over 649,000 people have already signed up to the World Fairtrade Challenge and you could be one of them… From Canada to Finland, South Africa to South Korea, the world is going Fairtrade crazy and we love it!

So how to join in? One of the important parts of the challenge is actually registering your event because then you’re on the map… literally! So here are the steps to make sure you’re an active part of the celebrations…

1. Register here
2. Order your event host kit or download your celebrations materials
3. Share your celebration pics on social media using #FairtradeChallenge

Sacred Grounds Loves Fairtrade

Sacred Grounds has been Fairtrade certified since 2004! We’re so passionate about this organisation and the opportunities it provides for our producers and their communities. We believe that where we source our beans from matters, not only because it’s the right thing to do but because it impacts the environment which effects bean quality and the future of coffee itself. So grab your bestie, your work mates, your school pals and show your support for this amazing cause by promoting everything Fairtrade.

Let us know what you’re up to!

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