What is an Aeropress?

No, it’s not bird, a plane or Superman, Aeropress is a super-easy way to make quality coffee whether you’re at home or travelling. This is not a difficult device to wrangle either, so really anyone can use it!

Aeropress History

So where was this handy little apparatus born? Well not that long ago, 2005 to be exact, inventor and Aerobie (a sort of frisbee) president Alan Adler was having dinner with his team when the topic of coffee came up. The problem? How to make a single cup of coffee that tasted great! The solution? Well Adler began tinkering with existing coffee brewing methods without success which led him to his ultimate invention, the Aeropress! 

How to use an Aeropress

So how does it work? The beauty of this device is that it’s quick and easy – all you do is mix hot water and coffee grounds together in the Aeropress and push it through a filter or should I say a ‘micro’ filter for 20 seconds and you’re done!! Now coffee can be a tad temperamental with other brewing methods but the Aeropress produces consistently high quality coffee every time – something you can rely on.

Sound too good to be true? Well to get it 100% right, we have a handy recipe for you to follow:

Our Recipe

Serves: 1 cup
Coffee: 14g
Grind: Medium
Water: 180g of water at 90-92⁰C

1. Measure out your coffee and set grinder to ‘medium’ grind.
2. Boil water and then remove from heat. (NOTE: Never pour boiling water straight onto coffee grounds – it will scorch them and give coffee a burnt flavour). Allow the water to cool for 30 seconds – the temperature should be between  90-92 C.
3. Extend and invert Aeropress to allow for 180g water dose.
4. Add grounds into the Aeropress.
5. Pre-infuse – 14g of hot water
6. Bloom – Let the grounds bloom for 30 seconds (basically let them soak).
7. Pour water – Pour remaining water on the grounds, ensuring all are fully saturated.
8. After 2 and a half minutes steep time (including blooming time) flip and plunge into carafe.

NOTE: Adjust grind size/steep time to taste.

Coffee Choice

Like many methods of brewing coffee, the variety of coffee is really up to your taste. However, if you’re after something truly special, we have a few tips to get the most out of your Aeropress experience:

1. Choose lighter or medium roast coffee
2. Aeropress suits Single Origin coffee because of their distinctly different flavour notes.
3. Most people tend to drink their Aeropress coffee black – but once again, it’s up to you!

An Aeropress is the ideal Christmas present for your coffee-loving mate or family member. It’s lightweight, easy to use and they probably don’t have one… yet! To help you pick the BEST present, we’ve put together a fab Aeropress Bundle with our favourite coffee to brew in this awesome device. Too easy. Buy it now!

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