Why Clean your Coffee Machine?

There are so many great reasons to keep your coffee machine sparkling clean. Firstly, don’t be gross – no one likes to be offered a coffee from a dirty, daggy old-looking contraption. Secondly, even if you’re using super-fresh beans, your beverage will taste stale – terrible if you have neglected the machine. Oils from old coffee build up in the water container, portafilter and basket and, if you leave it way too long even mould can make a rather unwelcome appearance.

Thirdly, clean food-type things are simply healthier if they’re attended to regularly. I know it’s not your favourite thing to do on a weekend or after work but it’s just one of those things that we all need to do. So how to give it a thorough clean? Follow these simple steps…

Coffee Machine Cleaning Tips

Daily Maintenance

1. Every time you brew up a storm, wipe out your filter basket with a damp cloth.
2. Rinse portafilter after every coffee, then wipe and dry.
3. Purge after every shot! That is, run the water through your machine a little after each coffee is completed. This removes excess coffee grounds, clearing the way for your next amazing brew!
4. If you have time, clean your machine’s shower screens daily by removing, wiping them down, rinsing them off and popping them back in place.
5. Don’t forget your musty old drip tray as well. Make sure it’s clean and free from mould, muck – you know what I mean.

Weekly Maintenance

1. Ideally, home coffee makers should be cleaned every 3 days – but we live in a busy world so once a week should be fine.
2. Remove filter from your basket and replace it with a blind filter.
3. Add 1 level scoop of organic (and super-safe) Evo Espresso Machine Cleaner into your blind filter.
4. Pop your group handle into your machine as you do when you’re making a fine espresso and run for 10 seconds. Stop for 10 seconds and repeat this four more times.
5. Take out group handle and rinse. Add blind filter back in and repeat the process above 10 times – this time running for 5 seconds and stopping for 2.
6. Replace blind filter with your regular version and brew up one shot of espresso. DON’T DRINK! Repeat a few times just to get the taste clean and clear again.
7. Soak filter and group handle for 10 mins with 2 scoops of Evo Espresso Machine Cleaner in hot water. Rinse really well in running hot water.

Then sit back and enjoy the sparkling appearance and fresh, clean taste of your coffee without any gross, unclean stuff to muck it up. Need some supplies? We have all you need on our online store including the Evo Cleaner, Cafessi Group Head Brush and GrinderMinder Grinder Brush.


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