Why Organic Coffee Matters

We love all things organic, from fresh produce to organic supermarket items but did you know that coffee is one of the most chemically drenched products in the world? This is why we only use organically grown coffee beans from reputable producers throughout the world. Chemicals not only mess with our bodies, our health but impact ecosystems and the future of the coffee industry as a whole.


This is a word you hear thrown around all the time – which is a good thing – but what does it really mean? According to the good old dictionary, Sustainability is the…”avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.” Basically, crops that use chemicals will mess up the local environment, polluting waterways, habitats and poisoning the very soil that plants are living in. Seems like a pretty counterproductive idea! On the other hand, organic coffee plantations ensure that the ecosystem is preserved and that plants have very little impact on their surrounding environment. These farms also choose shade-grown coffee plants preventing the need for deforestation, resulting in higher quality coffee; win-win!

Taste and See!

It’s a no brainer really that organic coffee tastes better. What would you rather, chemicals in your coffee, or the natural flavours of surrounding organic plants permeating through your beverage? Coffee plants are aromatic, so they soak up the flavours of plants living around them, including fruit or even cacao plants. Yum! Because organic coffee plantations often occur in the shade, flavours are even richer.

Supporting Producers

Organic farms are pretty special and in most cases a lot smaller than those using chemicals. One of the reasons we work in partnership with Fairtrade producers is to support these smaller enterprises, not only providing an income for the farmers but supporting local communities. By choosing organic farms to work with, we’re ensuring that the impact we leave on this world is a positive one for the environment, the people and you, the consumer. While it may cost a little more to make these choices, we believe that it is worthwhile in the long term for all involved.

Health Factors

And considering long term implications, let’s look at how non-organic coffee can impact your health. Chemicals used in coffee production can potentially cause cancer, irritate eyes, skin and upset your nervous system. When you think of how many coffees the average ‘Joe’ drinks a day, it’s a pretty substantial issue.

On the other hand, organic coffee is bursting with lovely antioxidants that have been proven, according to a Harvard University study, to reduce the likelihood of cancer. It can also reduce the likelihood of:

  • Heart disease
  • Neurological diseases, like Parkinson’s
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Suicide

Pretty impressive stuff!

Compare & Contrast

If you’re yet to be converted to organic coffee, why not give Sacred Grounds a try? Start with one of our beautiful blends;

  • Our Neighbours Blend – Subtle berry characteristics with a nutty aftertaste
  • Sacred Blend – Sharp, clean acidity with a sweet and spicy aftertaste and a long dark chocolate finish
  • Spirit Blend – Floral and fruity front notes, caramel middle and deep dark chocolate finish

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