World shakers – Women driving Fairtrade


Female Fairtrade farmers

They’re often unpaid, unseen and underestimated, but women make up an incredible 70% of the workforce in agricultural communities (according to WIthout them, many farms would not survive.

When it comes to Fairtrade organisations, over one quarter of producers and 47% of the workers are women. But most often, women don’t get a share in the profits or a say in how they’re spent.

So why does it matter? According to FAO, when women have more control over their money,

“Families are healthier, more children attend school, agricultural productivity improves, incomes increase, and rural communities become more food secure and resilient.”

Pretty impressive stuff!

One mighty world shaker

Meet Magda Reza from Peru, an amazing part of the world we source Sacred Grounds’ beans from. She runs a small farm and is part of the Sonomoro coffee cooperative.  Although coffee plants in Peru have been devastated by the La Roya virus, Magda refuses to give up.
Watch a film about this amazing woman and the cooperative here…


Magda completed a course to learn how to combat climate change and run farms efficiently. And now she’s teaching others what she’s learned, back in her cooperative.

She’s such an impressive spokesman for Fairtrade that she was invited to tour Germany, telling her story to inspire others to get behind Fairtrade initiatives across the globe.

This is only one woman. Think of what a group, a nation of women could do if given the chance!

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